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If it's your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a Client Intake form.  We will also discuss your goals and which massage protocols will work best for you.

New Client Specials: Get 10% OFF your first massage service!

Referral Program: Refer someone and receive $10 OFF any service.

A 24 hour notice in case of cancellation is requested.  Thanks!

*I accept cash and checks... sorry no credit cards at this time.*


Massage has been my passion since 2000.

I am a graduate of Universal Therapeutic Massage Institute in Albuquerque, NM and SHI Integrative Medical Massage School in Lebanon, OH where I have additionally received certification in:

Muscle Energy Technique for both Iliosacral and Sacroiliac Assessment and Dysfunction

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

Craniosacral Therapy

I am excited to be in Salon Lofts Dent Crossing, located on the west side of Cincinnati, and look forward to offering massage for pain relief; stress relief; relaxation; and specific concerns such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, temporomandibular joint problems and scoliosis to name a few.

My massages are customized to each client's needs by combining techniques from several massage modalities including:

Swedish Massage - Gliding, kneading, percussion, and friction strokes help relax the body, improve circulation, drain metabolic waste from the muscles, break up muscle adhesions and help promote the healthy healing of scar tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage - Techniques reach the deepest layers of muscles, tendons and fascia. 

Myofascial Massage - Techniques loosen and realign the connective tissue that forms a supportive network throughout the entire body. 

Medical Massage & Muscle Energy Technique - Protocols include muscle assessment tests and client participation in trigger point therapy and muscle stretches.  Medical massage treatments help resolve dysfunction by releasing and resetting tight muscles thus bringing about balance in the muscular and skeletal systems.

Aromatherapy - The use of essential oils from plants promote physical and emotional well-being. I use Young Living brand because of their attention to the use of organic plants and methods of distillation of the oils that will not destroy the active components.

Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Today was my first visit and it was incredible. Jeanette was so patient and such a good listener. She took the time to understand my injury and work methodically through my trouble areas. I am looking forward to my next visit and continued relief!
Heather A.
I have seen Jeannette 3 or 4 times now. Jeannette is a very attentive and thorough massage therapist! I tell her the areas that need extra attention and she asks about my preferred pressure and checks if it is ok (which is nice for people that are afraid to speak up).
Sydney J.
Jeannette is awesome! She really listens to understand your needs and gives you the best massage. She does all types of massage, but I normally get Deep Tissue which she is very good at getting to my problem areas.
Meghan R.
I was in pain and had knots in my shoulders and back for over a year. I took ibuprofen all day, every day, to just get through the day. I noticed a difference after my first visit with Jeannette and now feel better than I have in a very long time. I had never had a massage before and did not know what to expect. Jeannette was great and I cannot recommend her highly enough. -Kim P
Kim P.
Jeannette has been my Massage therapist for a few years now and I just love her!! So very professional and always takes the time to listen to my request on how I’m feeling and what my body needs to help me feel better and improve my weight training~ thank you Jeannette for being so awesome!! I recommend her to everyone! 20 Stars ⭐️
Barb W.
Jeannette did an amazing job! She worked out the knots that I had in my shoulder and neck. She makes sure that she explains everything to you and makes sure that you feel comfortable. I would recommend Jeannette to anyone!! I feel like a new women. Thank you!!!!
Katie H.
Jeannette did a great job with my message. I have scheduled another one coming up soon and hope to go monthly!
Linda B.
I have received several different massages from Jeannette and I have never been disappointed. Jeannette is intuitive and always knows just what I need. I have benefited physically and emotionally from these massage sessions with Jeannette. Thank you, Jeannette. Keep up the good work - I love it!
Cindy J.
What a godsend Jeannette is! I felt so much better after my first session and have been coming back weekly since. She has provided relief for me with my rotator cuff injury and other muscle tears, educating herself in ways in which to better relieve my shoulder pain. Jeannette goes above and beyond in helping me and I truly appreciate her expertise, her lovely demeanor, and in providing beneficial massage therapy, knowing my complex condition and circumstances. I’m grateful to have found her!
Clark B.
I’ve been seeing Jeanette for a little while now. She’s the best! I always leave feeling absolutely amazing. No appointment is ever the same. She does many techniques and adjusts them for each visit. She listens to your needs and concerns. Since I’ve found Jeanette, I don’t go to anyone else. I highly recommend!!
Ashley E.
Darell W.
Jeannette is amazing! She always helps me with my aches and pains. I love getting a full body massage as a treat after working out for a few weeks when you have all the aches and pains that the workout brings, she know how to remove those aches and it motivates me to keep moving so I can treat myself to another full body massage! She is amazing and a must have on my list! Don't wait treat yourself to the best massage you will ever get!
Deanna J.
If you truly want to feel better, Jeannette is the person to go to. She is dedicated to her craft.
Jana A.
I have been going the Jeannette for weekly massages since October 2014. I have arthritis in my shoulders, hips, back & neck. I am very impressed by Jeannette's training in a broad range of massage techniques including: Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and stretches in combination with the regular massage techniques. The massages that I get from Jeannette, far exceed all of the occasional spa massages that I have received in the past. Don Graham
Donald G.