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Hello to Summer 2020!  It's been nothing short of a strange first half of the year.  After reopening I've set in to place a lot of additional cleanliness standards to help you all stay safe and well. I now occupy two rooms to keep people separate.  

L'anza is still the color line I use, and Color-Wow is the product line I recommend. Come in, I'll show you! 

So, as you've probably noticed it has been increasingly difficult to find an appointment lately.  The only way this will get easier is if you book further in advance.  I highly recommend booking your next visit right after you see me, getting in to the habit of this wil ensure you have the spot you want before you know you want it.  Thanks for your help with this.

Thank you for making the effort to book online, it really helps to streamline things.  I see the messages that you attach to appointments, so feel free to say anything.  Don't worry about making mistakes, the way it is set up makes errors almost impossible.  If you need to cancel or change an appointment, the best way is in the email you received when you booked it or the one that arrives 24 hours before.  If you don't receive a reminder 24 hours before beware, it's usually a sign of a problem. 

Please note the new prices for the chemical processes.


As always, I'm here for you.  I promise not to waste your time, your energy or your money.  I will continue to go outside my salon to learn the latest in trends and technology for you. Thank you for choosing to trust me with your most valuable asset--your image.


Jeff Stuckey

  • L'ANZA Healing Haircare
  • Color Wow
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Got my first haircut with Jeff and I love it!!! He listens to what you like and delivers well.
Gerda G.
I went to the wonderful Jeff Stuckey with tri-colored hair - none of them being pretty AT ALL. Seriously, my hair was a mess. I never wore it down because it was soooo ugly. Jeff - a true master and magician to the art of hair - turned my mess into gloriousness! Even after having to strip the dark brown/black out of my hair it is more healthy than ever before! Also, after the haircut he gave me I can't STOP wearing my hair down! I want everyone to see my hair! LOL! GO SEE THIS MAN!
Beth B.
I love this cut you gave me, Jeff. Can't wait for you to update it for.
Kent T.
First haircut with Jeff and I feel like I've finally found "the one" ...He gave me such an incredible cut and styled it so cute ~ I was a bit apprehensive that I may not be able to make it look like he did. Well, I'm here to let you know that this haircut is so AMAZING that it doesn't matter what I do or don't do to always looks darling. It's not a huge departure from the way I've been wearing my hair, and I didn't ask for one...but the way he shaped it was haircut ever. After a big night out, hard sleep for 9 hours ~ still looks cute in the morning. Now THATS a good haircut. Thrilled. Oh, and the best time while sitting in a hairdresser's chair EVER. You will love this wonderful man ...he's a genius.
Julie B.
Jeff has been doing my hair since I was 16! I have natural curls and as I age I get more and more grey lol. Jeff is the only person allowedto cut color and style my hair. He does my daughters as well my 9 year old has mmy curls wwhen we leave she gets a blow out that is amazing! He even took time too put curls in my 6 year olds stick straight hair lol. We love you Jeff you are a great person and an artist in the hair industry!
Sara O.
I love Jeff. I have very fine and thin hair. No one can cut or color like him. Now I won't let anyone else touch my hair.
Monicia M.
Jeff is the best! He is consistent -- my color is perfect everytime, and he does the best blow-out/straightening job ever! He did my hair for my wedding recently (and all my bridesmaids). He proved he could do a great up-do too! What can't Jeff do?
Tammy F.
Best hairdresser in town! Love the iNOA Haircolor he uses. Give him a call - you won't regret it!
Lori P.
Jeff did an amazing job on my hair and it looked beautiful (and natural) after he added color. I tell everyone about how wonderful he is!
Lindsay D.
I have natural curls along with about 25% grey that needs touching up. NEVER has anyone been able to cut, color and style my hair the way I WANT IT!! I used to go home, wash out my hair, and restyle it myself :( Jeff has been a godsend to me. I have been to the top salons in town and NY...forget them. They have never gotten it right. Jeff does. Right on. Thanks, Jeff. You are the best. Linda S. xox
Linda S.
There's no one better than Jeff! He consistently does an excellent job on my hair. I always feel great whenever I leave his salon!
Peter And Carol M.
After an online search for a male barber/stylist about seven years ago I came across Jeff and been seeing him ever since. Could not be happier with the service and the results. Male, female, and every color under the sun, he can take your hair game to the next level.
Jeremy W.
Jeff was so kind, and patient with my daughter. My cut and color turned out amazing! One of the most precise and detailed services I have ever recieved! I am a client for LIFE! Bridget B.
Bridget B.
Professional, talented, fun and funny‼️
Hannah P.
Never has ANYONE, whether it be in Chicago, New York, or anywhere...ever been able to do my hair ( and my son's) as PERFECTLY as Jeff does !!! He's the consummate professional, the best friend, and the CUTEST hairdresser anyone could ever have the good fortne to find !!! LOVE HIM !!! Carol G.
Carol G.
I love Jeff! He has cut my hair forever and now cuts my girls as well! The Inoa is wonderful the color last and looks great. Jeff is a miracle worker with curly hair.
Sara O.
Jeff makes me prettier.
Barbara S.