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I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years with an amazing education from The Paul Mitchell Hair Academy in Columbus, Ohio. I am an Exclusive Extension Specialist at the Gahanna Stoneridge Location.  I specialize in Tape in Extentions ,Hairdreams Extentions, infusion Extentions and Remi Hair Extentions, Coloring, and in Advanced Cutting Techniques.  I am a Blonding expert, and have received specialized training from around the country with a focus on extensions, and blonding techniques. I assure you, your visit will be a superb one. I am a certified master stylist, and when you come in to see me, I will show you the many holiday styles that are currently trending. I am confident in my brand of products and believe that they are right for you. Also, Paul Mitchell color has a protein and keratin base. It allows for the hair not to get dry or damaged in a color service. The color also has a shine that is amazing! Your hair will be soft and manageable. For highlighting, I use a highlighting product called Lighten up. It is not bleach. Bleach is really damaging to the hair, and I am sure many of you have experienced the effects of bleach from other salons. A lot of salons, use bleach for timing purposes which can make the hair break off, feel fragile and dry. Lighten up is food for the hair, and it lifts the color to a beautiful blonde. I have had magnificent results with Lighten up. If you have very dark hair,and want to go to a lighter blonde, I use a Paul Mitchell bleach product that is truly less damaging than other bleach products I have used. I would love to make your first experience with me a fantastic one.   I have wonderful take-home products as well, without the high prices of regular salons. If you are getting a color service of any kind, the last thing you want to do is use a sulfate shampoo. Most over the counter shampoos have sulfate in them which is harmful to the hair and the color you have paid for. All of my products are hypoallergenic and safe for the hair and your color.




I also wanted to tell you about Salon Lofts. Salon Lofts is a place where every person working there, owns their own business. We rent a space and create it the way we like it. It is inviting for the client and the stylists that work there. Salon Lofts is not your typical salon. We take our time with our clients and make it as personable as possible. Everyone who books an appointment, either online or by phone has their own personal time. Our clients also have their own privacy within the loft. It is truly a unique concept, and I know you will love your service and experience!


I believe in using only Paul Mitchell products, with the keratin and protein bases, because your hair will feel and look amazing.  My loft is very inviting and very comfortable to all who walk in.  You will receive a private and personal beauty experience every time. Book an appointment today!





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I am SO lucky to have met Jennifer - it was definitely fate! She literally changed my life with Hairdreams hair extensions! The process from start to finish was a breeze. I made a consult with her on a Thursday and a week later my extensions were installed AND my hair is now the most beautiful shade of red! She gave me a whole new level of confidence that I’ve never had before. The passion she has for her clients and her job is SO apparent in the work that she does. Great hair. Great conversation. AMAZING EXPERIENCE! -Jenn
Jenn S.
I absolutely LOVE Jennifer! She has completely transformed my hair! She takes her time and never makes me feel rushed. She is always so passionate about what she does and making people happy about their hair. I am a red head and she always makes my hair look vibrant and it has never been healthier since I started going to her! She always listens to what I want and makes my hair stand out! I get so many compliments everyday because of her!! I highly recommend her to everyone!
Molly B.
I love Jennifer! She is the best. With Covid, I was looking for an individual stylist but didn't realize what a difference a highly trained stylist in hair would make. Now she is my "go to" person. I have short hair and am involved in the film industry and get photographed often as well as film events (now virtual) Need to always look camera ready and Jennifer's talented hair cut do that for me without me needing to do anything extra. She also balances her talent and expertise with listening to what the client wants.
Stacy G.
Amazing experience, was going for the 1st time post quarentine however with the wonderful experience, thinking of having Jennifer continue to cut my hair- what was most impressive was how much care and personal attention she gave me- she really listened to what I wanted with great care and respect, and used her incredible professional skill to make my short hair cut look great and shaped for my face with a soft feminine look even with a super short haircut. She wasn't pushy about using any product and honored my requests. She was also so welcoming and sweet and very responsive in setting up appointment. Impressive Covid 19 precautions. Thank you Jennifer.
Stacy G.
I happened to stumble across Jennifer when I was needing a new stylist, due to my normal stylist being on vacation. Taking a chance with a new stylist is normally something that I dread; thankfully, this was an amazing experience. She colored, cut and styled my hair. The color was beautiful and I don't think that my hair has ever felt so soft. She is a true talent. On top of her incredible skills, she is a very kind and funny person. I really enjoyed my time with her. I can honestly say that I have a new stylist!
Marcy C.
Jennifer does an amazing job!!! I have been searching for several months to find a stylist that can do platinum blonde the CORRECT way so it does not come out brassy looking and spotty.. She is very knowledgeable!! My hair is over processed and damaged from previous stylists using BLEACH to do my blonde instead of a high color lift , on top of that putting me under the dryer to bring up the blonde faster when BLEACH should not go under the dryer!!! I'm so thankful i found someone that can help me get my hair healthy while still going platinum blonde all over.
Rebecca K.
I had my first visit with Jennifer today and I am so happy that I stumbled upon her! I had been thinking about getting my hair colored with something bright and bold for months. I was so nervous but finally took the plunge and the results are better than I could have hoped for! Jennifer is so attentive and patient. She took the time to talk me through everything and when she wasn’t doing that we had a wonderful time chatting about anything and everything else while she made me look beautiful. She doesn’t ever pressure you or try to upsell you. Her work speaks for itself! I have definitely found my stylist and I will be referring Jennifer to everyone!!
Allison S.
I have been going to Jennifer for a couple of months now. She is not only a wonderful person to talk to, but is fantastic at her job! She does not charge me for services or products that I do not need and is always open to educating me as I ask questions about her services and my hair. I have had her take my hair from very light brown with blonde highlights to super dark brown with dark red highlights in the past couple of months and my hair looks beautiful every time I leave her shop! I highly recommend Jennifer!
Shannon S.
I went to Jennifer for the first time today! I was nervous because I wanted to cut my long hair! She was so sweet and took her time showing me what it would look like and talked to me about options! She was careful cutting it and the result is awesome! I would reccomend her to anyone!
Ashley S.
Never had a stylist actually {Listen} to what I wanted. Jennifer listened and my trim & style is exactly what I was looking for! Highly recommend. A+++
Rhonda L.
I got my hair highlighted and trimmed by Jennifer for the first time today and had a wonderful experience! First of all, she is very personable and honest. I have blonde hair and prefer a whiter blonde rather than a yellow blonde, and I got exactly what I love! She didn't just do my hair; she gave me great advice and educated me so that I continue to have healthy and great looking hair beyond the appointment day. Not only does my hair look great...it feels amazing, too! I look forward to going back!
Jaimee W.
Jennifer is the BEST BLONDE stylist in, around, near, encircling town! Unfortunately for the last year and a half I have been a "chair hopper". The whole time just trying to get a nice platinum blonde tone I see girls walking around with, I would walk out of salons with orange-blonde ombres and rocking a fried off mullet. NOW I found Jennifer :) This girl explained the difference between bleaching for blonde hair (so bad) and using a high lift blonde, which turned out exactly how I wanted it to look and it took out all the brassy ombre I walked in with! Jennifer is full of knowledge and takes her time with you. I had confidence in her within 5 minutes and I had honestly made the statement that if this last time did not work out I would give up on blonde and go dark. Thanks to Jennifer I have found my chair, no more hopping and I can keep my blonde! -Krystal
Krystal C.
I've been going to Jennifer since this past winter and I'm obsessed. Not only is she amazingly professional but she takes the time to explain your hair and the processes it needs. She is always honest and I never feel rushed. My hair recently underwent an extreme change from red to blonde and even after all its undergone, it's healthier than ever. I swear by Jen and she's the only one ever touching my hair again.
Mara S.
She's the BEST!!!
Connie M.
Today Jen did full highlights all over and made me Platnium blonde,trimmed my hair and cut my bangs and it looks AMAZING! She listens and she is truly talented!i highly recommend her!!
Sami T.
I've been a client of Jennifer's for almost a year now and I absolutely love her work! She always has great recommendations on what to do with my hair because I'm one who likes to change it up often in regards to both cut & color. I always have a great time while she's doing my hair because she treats you like you're a friend rather than a client, which is rare to find.
Katie C.
I originally found Jennifer from a Val-Pak ad. I had been searching for a new hairstylist for several months and decided to give her a try. She was close to home and had flexible hours to meet my work schedule. Immediately I knew I found my gal. She not only did a fantastic job helping me decide what to do with my color & cut but also allowed me creative freedom. I've continued to go to her for the last year and I am always happy with the results. Her color is magnificent, the cut is always what I had envisioned and her personality is a perfect fit for me. I feel when I visit Jen, I'm visiting a friend. She is also very reasonably priced for the level of experience and quality she provides. Thanks Jen! -Ashley Redmon
Ashley G.
AMAZING!!!! I am one of the most hair-challenged people I know, but Jen made me feel confident and beautiful! My hair went from "not bad" to "POW!! SPICY RED HEAD". The cut looks exactly like my picture and the color is amazing. She was willing to take the time and really walk me through every step to ensure I got the best hair style possible. Thanks so much, Jen!!! I'm a whole new ME!
Jennifer C.
I've known Jennifer for several years & trust her whether it be a simple haircut & or color. Do yourself (& your hair) a favor & book an appointment with Jennifer for a professional & friendly haircare experience & you'll be more than happy to call yourself her client!!!
Kyle D.
My hair has never been so frizz free and healthy! Jen listens to her customers and knows how to achieve the look the customer wants while insuring they leave with the healthiest hair possible!
Jean W.
I will recommend Jennifer to my friends. I went to Salon Lofts first time and was happy with my experience. Jennifer is very friendly and professional. Feels great! Ina.P
Ina P.
Jen is hands down the best hair stylist I have ever been to! She took my damaged, yellowish hair and turned it into a healthy, beautiful shade of blonde. She is professional, experienced and talented, and she always makes me feel so comfortable in her salon. I highly recommend her expertise! -Bri S.
Bri S.
I found Jennifer with a coupon promotion for the new Salon Lofts at Stoneridge. She is AMAZING. Her salon is decorated beautifully and she has complimentary beverages. She treats you like a queen. She's very personable and has a real knack for what's stylish and will look good on you. I love my color and cut.
Annette M.
Jen is not only an amazing stylist, but an amazing person. A stylist becomes an integral part of your life and Jennifer works hard to make you feel like her only client.
Tim L.
Jennifer done my hair on Saturday...AMAZING,is the only way to describe it. She is very personable and a great hair designer
Amber K.
Jenn is awesome! This is the first time I have ever had the exact color I wanted. She took time to do my foils instead of rushing. She even threw out a color she mixed with bleach and started over with a different product that was better suited for lightening my fine hair. She definitely knows what she is doing!
Kayla L.
Jennifer is GREAT! She always takes the time to make sure you get exactly what you want. She is friendly and creative, and does a wonderful job making you your very best "you." I would really recommend her to anyone searching for a new stylist that can work with what you want and add her own creative twist to it. try out Jennifer! She went out of her way to make sure I got the perfect haircut before a wedding,and went out of her way to color my hair as well even though she had to stay late. I highly recommend her. Nikki
Nikki P.
I went to Jennifer for the first today. I had been looking for a permanent stylist and have found one in her. I had all over color done and a cut. I was more than satisfied with the beautiful color she did as well as the style done. I walked out with a brand new look that I love! She knew exactly what I wanted done. Not only did I gain a new stylist but also a new friend! Thanks Jen!
Angie S.
I moved here last July and found Jennifer on the website. She is the greatest stylist and person! Always cheerful and professional. I love the way my hair looks - she is awesome! -Lisa Sprague
Lisa S.
I've been going to Jennifer for about two years now. She always makes me look my best, no matter what shape my hair is in by the time I get in to see her. She is a true professional and a wizard with a pair of scissors!
Tim A.
Jennifer has shown herself to be an innovative hair stylist who listens to what the client wants. She is truly an artist. Barb W.
Barb W.
Jennifer is very professional and listens to her clients. I recently moved to Cols. and gave her the formulas from my previous stylist. She went above and beyond to find the exact colors for my highlights, and I'm very pleased with the results. -Wendy W.
Wendy W.
I have been having a hard time finding a stylist who will actually listen to what I want then do it. Jennifer did a fantastic job of coloring my hair and cutting it just exactly how I asked. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She truly does care about her clients.
Tami R.
I went to Jennifer for the first time. I let her do a total "over haul" with my hair and I LOVE IT! A great cut, color and highlights made me more modern and fresh looking. And all my friends and co-workers agree! I will defintely be going back to her again! -Stacy Conley
Stacy C.
My hair color was old and tired but not anymore. Jennifer gave me the hair I always wished I had. People tell me I look ten years younger. Thanks Jen! Barb W.
Barb W.
I have nothing but great things to say about Jennifer. She listens to what I want and knows exactly what I am thinking with just a few details of what I am looking for. I feel very comfortable with her and am at ease in her loft. It's a very relaxing experience and puts me at ease to know when I get my hair done it will turn on wonderful! - Vanessa M.
Vanessa M.
Jennifer is awesome! I went to Jennifer for the first time and today, and she is amazing with her work. She made me feel very comfortable and is very friendly. She did a wonderful job with my hair and I really love it. I had full highlights done, and she met all my expectations. She rocks!!! - Aelia
Aelia B.
Jenn is amazing to say the least. I love my new color. This girl can do anything. Endless talent and a contagious personality. There is no one else like her in the salon business. Jenn you ROCK.
Kat P.
Jennifer is amazing!! She does a wonderful job and you really feel right at home when you're there.. She is the best stylist I've ever had.. Kim K
Kimberly K.
Thanks Jen for a great Job.After my makeover today,I came into the office & everyone loves my new look.I do too. I was going for the younger more refreshed look - you nailed it.I feel 20 yrs younger.If only. I am a client for life. As I am your Realtor for life.Ann Sullivan
Ann S.
I went to Jennifer for the first time yesterday. I had been bouncing from stylist to stylist looking for someone who was both professional and affordable. Jen met all my expectations. She did a great job on my color and gave me a great trim. She was both professional and personable. She has great customer service.
Amy L.
I just moved to the area and had to find a stylist. I got lucky finding Jennifer! She did a GREAT job on my hair! We colored it, highlighted and cut it!! She is a super nice person who makes you feel like you've known her forever. I will definitely be calling myself her client!
Amy M.