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 Hello & WELCOME! My name is Jess Sledge & I have been in the business of beautifying since 2010. I currently specialize in funky/fun, blonde, balayage, mermaid masterpieces, ombré, women's & men's cuts, you name it I probably love it! Over the years I have truly realized how much I love people & genuinely enjoy my clientele I have built through working in Northlake Mall for 6.5 years. Being in the beauty industry for me, means always learning, growing, & becoming the best you can be for your clients/yourself. I plan on continuing to broaden my horizons & show the world what "Hair Life" truly means. 


   I was born in NC & have lived here most of my life. I studied at Stanly Cosmetology where I completed over 1500 hours at a 3.9 GPA graduating top of my class, during my training I attended a 24-hour Hair Expo in Charlotte meeting a lot of amazing people including Michelle Deighton off of Top Model. I have also continued my education with Regis' Artistic Director  James Nowlin during my time at Salon Cielo & plan to further it with Salon Lofts. I was first inspired to do hair by my Aunt & 2nd cousin who understood that there was more to styling hair than just a cut and color. In my everyday practice I enjoy making clients days better by being a stylist, who not only gives them a new hairstyle. But also a new, uplifted mood through listening and communicating with them. My ambition is to eventually own my own fully staffed salon as well as becoming a personal trainer. 



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“Remember, it is not the box or the bottle that does the work, it is the hands & the mind using the color that is key.” – Rick Wellman

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I have no hesitation in recommending Jess to anyone. I’ve been going to Jess for a few years now and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else! I have complete confidence in her each time from start to finish. Jess brought awareness to my detrimental hair care routine and with her insight my hair is now healthier than when we first started. She is a truly talented stylist and I always enjoy my appointments! -Hannah Reep
Hannah R.
Jess is an absolute god send when it comes to hair, she took my brassy curls and turned them into beautiful golden blonde curls. I cant wait to see her again, I love her space and it was a great experience from start to finish!
Roma R.
Jess is awesome! She’s my hair mama! I love going to her! She’s the only one I trust with my hair! I have long hair......Jess isn’t just a hair cutter, she keeps her salon personal n special. So when u come she remembers u. U can talk n listen. Ur furriends! It’s not just a business. I can call n or text when I need her n she’s there for me. If not she makes it work! I got my hair cut today and it was another great experience! She remembered how my hair was last time. As last time she gave me tips to make my hair even healthier! I took her advice and this time she said she could see & feel the difference! Thts the kinda hair stylists I wana see everytime. She truely cares and it comes out n her customers! Go to Jess, u willnt regret it! Thanks Jess for helping me to get my hair healthier.
Heather P.
We met Jess several years ago. I have a teenage son and 2 teenage girls. She has done AMAZING work for all 3. But the work she's done on my daughter Logan's hair has been just outstanding!! She has dyed it several different colors and it looks better every time!! It blows my mind!! Jess is not only wonderful at her job, she is a great person. She's kind and giving and we love her!!
Allison M.
I've comd to realize that there are hair stylist and hair artists. To me a hair stylist knows technique and can follow trends. But a hair artist is someone who knows technique and can go above and beyond to create a masterpiece out of your hair. Jess is a hair artist. I recommend you let this talented lady give you a style and watch how you transform into the best version of you.
Jobst R.
I am a fairly new client of Jess. It can be a bit uncomfortable for both the stylist and the client at that first meeting but that was not the case with Jess! She listened, gave recommendations and then proceeded to give me the best color and cut I’ve had in years. Her talents shine just as she does every time I see her! Susan L.
Mark L.
Jess is the best colorist and hair stylist I have gone to and I am 60 years old this year but act like 30. I have been going to Jess for years and am a dedicated client. She is a true artist and takes pride in her work on each of her clients. I always get compliments on my color and style at work. Jess respects my wishes on the cut every time and knows better than me just the right color I’m looking for. But if I were to ask Jess for a crazy color for a special event she would do it for me. So happy I have a confidant when it comes to my hair which means so much to me. Thank you Jess.
Maureen D.
Jess is a hair GENIUS! I have been driving 4 hours for the past 6 years to get my hair colored by her. She genuinely cares about her clients and the health of their hair. She somehow just knows what looks best on each client and is able to make and mix colors no one else can. You cant get any better than Jess.
Katie A.
I have known Jess since high school, she has always been that stylish person you love to see they're new looks! She can doing amazing hair work on ANYONE. From something completely out of the box to a softer look, she's your girl. She is the one person who actually listens to what I want done to my hair and takes my input so much so that I usually give her a general idea and free reign from there- because I know she will NEVER disappoint. Worth every minute in the chair and every dime spent- and then some!! -Chelsea F.
Chelsea F.
Jess Sledge is a hair life saver to say the least, I sat down in her chair by chance and she slowly gave mt hair life again! Since then she has been cutting/coloring my hair and cutting my boyfriends hair for the past 3 years, and I wont let anyone else touch it! She's the one hair dresser I trust to say "Do what you think will look best!" to and I am always so satisfied when I leave! Her prices are always fair and she is the QUEEN of color!! So whatever your needs are; a simple trim or total color transformation, Jess has you covered!
Lindsey B.
Jess is the master of transformation. She has brought my hair back from the brink of disaster ( probably beyond)to lush vibrant hair. Her color is out of this world. I love not having to say a word and just letting Jess do her thing!
Leslie S.
Jess always knows exactly what I’m looking for and trying to explain when I need a haircut from her! She does an amazing job, she’s super fun and high energy and it’s hard not to be happy when you’re around her! Haircuts are always
Coty B.
Jess is the hair whisperer! Sometimes I walk in there unknowing what I want but leave 110% satisfied! She knows what she’s doing and she does it well! If you need a new color, cut, or eyebrow waxing she’s the bomb.com
Christina T.
Jess is a hair god!! She saved my hair and I am so happy! So let me just tell you, my curly hair was so uneven and had a bunch of mismatch layers going on. Before Jess even starting washing my hair, she took a look at what was going on with mess and I mean really looked at it and gave her honest opinion. I was very pleased that she did that. while washing my hair she took the time to brush through my hair (now I have curly hair which can be difficult to comb through) but she did such a great job. Now I have seen plenty of stylist and none of them have done that. My hair is all even now and her blow dry was amazing!!!!! I couldn't be more happy with how my hair turned out! She is amazing at what she does!! I mean a true stylist that cares about her clients hair. I am here visiting my sister, this is the 1st time I have seen Jess and I'm really thinking about traveling up here just so she can do my hair!!!
Elizabeth P.
I came in with damaged hair, and possibly the worst cut I have ever had. Jess listened to me and my hair looks gorgeous. She has a customer for life in me!
Anna S.
Jess is the best person I have found when it comes to coloring and styling hair. I found her when I first moved to this state and have not gone to anyone else since. I’m amazed at how much a person can truly cater to each individual. Whether it’s hair products, a new cut, or a change of color Jess knows exactly what works for each person. Not only has she done wonders to transform my hair, but she is also someone that I can say has impacted me as a person. She truly cares for her clients on a personal level. Each visit to Jess is more than pleasant and worth every minute.
Mackenzie F.
Jess is absolutely AMAZING! ! ! ! She is the ONE and ONLY I trust completely with my hair and my daughters naturally curly hair. She gives her honest opinion, listens carefully to what your wanting and genuinely cares. She has a passion, loves what she does and that's rare to come by. It's a great feeling being able to book an appointment (hassle free) with her knowing she's going to give her everything and have you leaving feeling beautiful!! I recommended Jess to my sister who came to visit out of town (FL) and she loves Jess! I don't trust anyone with my hair! Jess is the BEST!!
Anna R.
I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon Jess in November 2011; my first experience with her has kept me (and my hair) coming back for more! Jess is truly a “hair god” and she does an outstanding job keeping my blonde locks bright and shiny. I have extremely fine hair, and it use to be so dry and brittle, but since working with Jess, we have been able to increase my hair’s strength and even watch it grow!! Jess is a magician when it comes to color and is always willing to try new things or work towards a compromise that will make you happy, while doing what’s best to keep your hair healthy. Jess is easy to talk to and truly listens to what you want; she is great at offering advice to ensure you get the most from your cut and color on every visit. It’s reassuring to be able to book appointment after appointment with the same hairstylist (every 6-8 weeks for almost 6 years) and know you’ll consistently leave your appointment feeling beautiful and well taken care of…I don’t trust my hair to anyone else – and neither should you ;)
Andrea C.
Jess has done my hair AND I've worked with Jess and she is INCREDIBLE!! I learned so much from her while I worked with her and I'd recommend her to anyone for your wildest color dreams! She really cares about the integrity of your hair as well as how the color and style looks on every individual person! She is worth every minute and every penny! -Tina
Tina K.
Jess has been the only person who i will let touch my hair for almost 6 years now and I always have an amazing experience! She is a master of her craft!
Jessica S.