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Jessica has been doing hair since 2001.  She first trained with Devachan in 2004 to be a curl care specialist and enjoys her trips to New York and LA training academy to see what's new with Deva! Jessica specializes not only in curly hair but also in corrective color.  The healthy condition of your hair is of the utmost of importance to her.  Jessica loves healthy beautiful hair and strives to achieve that for her clients by staying educated in the latest products and trends and educating her clients accordingly to achieve the same beautiful style at home. 


  • Deva Curl
  • Id HAIR
  • Innersense Organic Beauty
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Most of us with curly hair have struggled with finding a talented stylist who knows how to cut our hair in a way that flatters our faces and best uses our natural curl pattern. Unfortunately, some people never find that stylist. It took me 40 years, but I've finally found Jessica! Her knowledge of and skill with curly hair is unparalleled. Let her give you a curly cut and show you how to look your best. Once she does her magic, you will not only appreciate your curls, you'll love them and feel blessed to have them.
Lisa G.
Awesome curly hair stylist! I come from NWA for her to cut my hair!
Traci S.
Excellent experience, products, and service from beginning to end. First, I was a few minutes early, and Jessica still took me immediately. I was booked for a new client curly cut. Jessica sat me down to talk about what was going on with me leading up to getting into her chair, what I was trying to accomplish, and what she was seeing and thinking after hearing all of that and examining my hair. I was in love. Jessica walked me through exactly what we would be doing to accomplish my new intended look. I received a Deva Cut, cleansing, conditioning, and styling. That wasn't even the best part. Although I walked out with gorgeous, moisturized, defined, bouncy curls in a beautiful new cut that realized what I was trying to pull off...the best part was being walked through each step from cleansing to final finishing--stopping to look at the amounts of product to use, to check the way the hair should look or feel at a certain point, getting an education. I was even taught better techniques for sleeping and second, third, fourth-day, and beyond hair. Jessica and Deja also showed me how much overkill I was doing on product that I was wasting down the drain. I just left my first appointment and am already scheduling my next appointment. Ooh, the other cool thing...I walked in with a shopping list of product in my head, being out of everything except Decadence No-Poo at home. Little did I know that I wasn't even using the best combo of products. Jessica and Deja set me all straight, so my hair actually moves and feels better now. Thank you!
Regina W.
I'd been wearing my natural for a few months when one of my friends--also a curly girl--said that I should start looking for a curl specialist for my next haircut. I'd had no idea there was a difference in techniques when it came to getting a haircut, so this was a new experience for me. Jessica was amazing, and we spent the first bit of the appointment talking about my hair, how it behaves, and what my goals with it were. Since I want to grow it out, we took care of split ends and fixed a bit of fluff at the top that had looked nice when straight, but bad when curly. She explained how to properly care for my hair, what products would be best for me (without pushing for a sale, which I really appreciated, even though I did buy something), and how to get the best results from my hair the majority of the time. I scheduled my next appointment already, and I'm so happy I made this change.
Rachel H.
I love my hair!!! I went to see Jessica and she styled my hair cut my hair and highlighted my hair perfectly! When I talk to her about what I wanted she knew exactly what to do and delivered exactly what I wanted. She is truly an expert on curly hair and you will learn so much from your visit with her.
Natalie D.
I love my hair!!! I went to see Jessica and she styled my hair, cut my hair, and highlighted my hair perfectly! When I talked to her about what I wanted she knew exactly what to do and delivered exactly what I wanted. She is truly an expert on curly hair and you will learn so much from your visit with her. Thank you Jessica!
Natalie D.
I have never in my 58 years had a haircut that I totally loved. Until today. I have struggled with my super curly hair most of my life. Many pictures of me as a child make me look like I have a fluff ball on my head. Then there was the phase of sleeping with juice cans on my head and using chemical straighteners in my teen years. Even as an adult, so many times I would take a picture of a hairstyle to my hair stylist, just to be told that my hair wouldn't 'look like that'. Today that all changed. I had done much research on local curl specialists, and Jessica McTaggart kept coming up with great reviews. Today I had the pleasure of meeting her. Jessica made me feel very comfortable immediately with her friendly, easy-going personality. She explained to me the reason curly hair needs to be cut dry and why regular shampoo dries out curly hair, when what curly hair craves is moisture. My hair was very overgrown, so Jessica helped me pick out a shorter style that met all of my wishes. She explained every step of what she was doing and made sure I understood so I would be able to style it at home. For the first time in my life I feel that I am truly appreciating the hair that God gave me. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who is a Curly Girl! Or boy. :)
Becky B.
Being new to the area, we were thrilled to find Jessica!! She is awesome; her knowledge of curly hair made such a difference. She taught me how to care for my hair. Thanks, Kyla D.
Kyla D.
I went natural about two years ago and still had not found a reliable way to take care of my hair. Despite my efforts to let it grow out, about every 5 months, I would have to trim most of it because the ends were dry and breaking off. I am African-American with tightly coiled hair that literally repels moisture, but Jessica showed me how to properly apply DevaCare and DevaCurl and this is the best my hair has looked and felt since I've been natural! She also gave me a DevaCut and highlights and I have learned to love my curls again! Not to mention she's friendly and great to be around! An all around excellent experience!
Ashley J.
I live in the Washington, DC area, and every time I visit my parents in the St. Louis area, I have to go see Jessica for a haircut. No one cuts my very curly hair like she does! She does the best cut I've ever had and taught me how to properly use the Deva Curl products. For the first time in my life, I am not fighting with my hair. And I've gotten compliments about it from total strangers for the first time in 20 years.
Ericka H.
Thanks to Jessica, I now know my unmanageable hair is actually naturally wavy! The right products and cut make all of the difference in the world. She's also a fabulous colorist! I always leave looking refreshed and naturally bright. Now I love my hair! Leslie L.
Leslie L.
Jessica is amazing! I recently moved back to St. Louis and was looking for a curly hair specialist. Jessica is now my curly hair specialist. She is very personable, informative, and knowledgeable. I am excited to keep working with her and continue to learn more about how to take care of my curly hair! I will definitely recommend Jessica to others!
Jayme E.
My teen-aged daughter has never liked her curly hair and usually cried after every haircut. After her consultation and haircut with Jessica, she finally had a smile on her face! She has actually learned to embrace her curls rather than fight against them. Jessica is a wealth of knowledge for someone with curly hair! Erin H. (Hannah's mom)
Hannah H.
When I first moved to St. Louis, I was eager to find someone who specialized in cutting curly hair. I had always gotten my hair cut by stylists who were good at their profession, but I desired to have someone who understood my hair. I found Jessica online and booked an appointment online as well. She got back to me quickly, and I was so excited to go to her to have my hair cut like it should be. Jessica is very knowledgeable about curly hair, and helped me to understand my hair even more. She taught me how to use the hair product DevaCurl, and was always very helpful if I had questions. As well as being very professional, she is also a wonderful person. It's always great to talk to her, and her salon is very cozy. Whenever I leave her salon I always feel like a million bucks! Thanks Jessica!
Paige H.
I have been going to Jessica for years, and honestly I haven't found anyone else who can cut or color my hair like she does. Not only that, but she is so friendly and personable, I would recommend her to anyone.
Kat O.
Thank you so much Jessica my curls look better than ever! And your tip about leaving the conditioner in seems to work much better for me. See you next time!!!!
Nikki C.
Jessica is the ONLY person that seems to know just what to do with my curls. I have moved to Nevada and haven't found anyone here. I am going to St. Louis in March and my first thought was, "I'm booking an appointment with Jessica. Love her!
Genoa V.
Jessica has taught me so much about caring for my curls! I'm proud of my natural style but the wow factor has only gotten better with the use of the products and application technique that I now use. Curly divas get in to see Jessica, you'll thank yourselves later! Stacy S.
Stacy S.
Jessica is a curl expert! She has taught me how to apply the product and recommended products that make my curls "POP." I'm proud of my natural curls but now I embrace them more than ever before. Curly divas make your appointment with Jessica, you'll thank yourselves when you see the results.
Stacy S.