Hi there! My name is Joyce, but for most of my life, I've gone by my nickname, JJ. I've been with the Salon Lofts family since early 2016 and I've been working in the industry in other successful salons for over 25 years. I enjoy keeping myself current with shows, classes and workshops on everything from hair skills/techniques and products to business and marketing. Seeing styles change is fun as well as seeing some of them return with their own modernized flair. I love doing color, especially, because it's one of the easiest ways to change, or update your look.

Whether you're looking for something new or refreshing your current style, I'd love to sit and chat with you. Together we'll create the perfect style to fit your personality and your lifestyle.

Thanks for visiting!

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I graduated high school with JJ. Due to Facebook I was able to reconnect to her. I do NOT go to a salon very often, just recently started just to get my hair colored. It takes so long for my hair to grow that I only get trims BUT I wanted something different, shorter, but have a hard time going to someone I don't know. So, I called Joyce and she was so accommodating and got me right in(before I changed my mind). I had a picture of what kind of cut & color I wanted and boy did she ever come through! I ABSOLUTELY love it! Will not go to anyone else even though I live an hour away. She's got a client for life! Thank you so much JJ.
Lori G.
I started to see JJ by complete accident! I had an appointment scheduled with someone else (first time with that person) and they cancelled last minute.. I was pretty annoyed but it turned out to be a stroke of good luck! JJ happened to have an opening and she did a great job! Needless to say I found my go to stylist !
Rachael H.
I've been seeing JJ for close to 20 years now after a series of realllly bad cuts at other reputable, high-end salons. Over the years, she has helped me along my journey through numerous different styles - long, super short, and everything in between. She's a great advisor on what cuts will work well with a given face shape, hair thickness, texture, and growth pattern, as well as color shades if you're venturing into that territory. She has also handled my waxing (and sometimes even pedi!) needs over the years, so she's about as skilled and well-rounded as they come. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
Angoisse W.
I'm a fairly new client of JJ but there must be a reason I keep returning!! She's very flexible with her schedule, does a fantastic job coloring, highlighting and cutting. She is very honest if you select a cut or color that may not be flattering and helps you select one that is!! She is also very sweet and there is never a full moment during your appointment! She's an all-star
Robin L.
JJ is professional, knowledgeable, skilled, attentive and accommodating. My mom and I have been a client of JJ's forever (over 20 years). Neither of us would entrust our hair to anyone else. She is an expert stylist and colorist and is always open to exploring ways to make your hair look and feel its absolute best. So many times I go into my appointment not knowing what I want in color or cut and through her questions she helps me figure out what I want and more importantly what I don’t want. I’ve yet to regret a color choice or cut in working with JJ. She is also very knowledgeable about products that help maintain or improve the health of your hair. You won’t regret entrusting your haircare to JJ.
Irene K.
I've been with JJ for about 23 years. In the early days she did perms and cuts for me as well as haircuts for my children. As I've aged, in addition to cuts, I also had her do color. When I decided I was done with color and wanted to rock my gray she helped me do it seamlessly in a magic process I don't understand but appreciated greatly over a number of months. It was such a natural transition thanks to her expertise. Now she helps me keep my very thick head of gray in short, carefree cuts. And, not only is she a wonderful stylist but she's also a fabulously terrific person!
Ronda M.
Love JJ and her work. I’ve been going to her for 20 years or more. She’s awesome with cut, color, waxing and every other service I’ve ever gotten. She listens, can read my mind when I don’t know what I want and just totally gets it. She truly is an artist. And a pretty nice person to boot. All that is what keeps me coming back.
Tammy D.
I've been seeing JJ for my styling needs for many years from cut,color & occasional pedi to brow waxing. She always listens to what you want to do & has great suggestions if you're not sure. i know i can trust JJ to do a fantastic job. She is a fun, wonderful person & great listener. i feel comfortable sharing & asking for advice too. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!
Lois G.
I always get a great cut and color from JJ. She’s an expert!!!
Amy S.
JJ has been my sole hair stylist for over 25 years. Recently, I decided to remove 11 inches of hair, as I was in need of a change in my look. This was a very difficult adjustment for me, but JJ made the transition seamless, and I an extremely satisfied with my new look and have received numerous compliments from others. JJ conducts extensive research into the products she markets, and her recommendations are genuinely thoughtful and specific to the individual. Occasionally, I have received pedicures and waxing from others but have not been pleased with the results. I would genuinely be at a loss if I had to find another stylist.
Gayle H.
JJ is fantastic! I’ve been going to her for many years for color, cuts, waxing and even some perms (back when those were popular). She really listens to what you want and explains what she’s doing. She’s also just a friendly, caring person who always makes everyone feel welcome.
Li L.
I first heard of JJ when I asked a young lady who cut her hair and if she would mind giving me the name of her hairdresser. She gave me JJ's name and number and I called JJ that day. Have been going to her ever since! JJ is an expert in hair color and is always willing to listen to what I want in a haircut. She takes an interest in each of her clients and is always willing to accommodate when I call her for an appointment.
Mary Ann M.
JJ has been doing my perms, color and waxing for quite a few years. I was lucky to find her when I was between stylists and didn't know where to go. I can trust her to know what I want and to make great suggestions for other services (highlights, etc.) as well as appropriate hair care products. Wouldn't go to anyone else but JJ!
Jeannette G.
I have been going to JJ Joyce for over 10 years, & when ever I need a last minute appointment JJ always able to fit me in or stay late. & Of course would never let anyone cut my hair but JJ.
Donna G.