Hi!  My name is Junite Sip.  It's pronounced like June and night put together.  Junite!  I've been a hair stylist for 16 years strong.  This is my career, but I consider it more of an expression of my art form.  Throughout my years as a hair stylist, I've honed my skills in men's haircuts, women's haircuts, hair coloring, and hair styling.  Each person is unique in their on way.  That being said, I adapt my services accordingly to the client's hair texture, anatomy, and their aesthetic.  I look forward to seeing you in my chair and I also look forward to creating an ideal hair style custom for you. 

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Junite is amazing. He was my first hair stylist to ever really understand what I wanted. My first time with him he knew exactly what to do. Ever since then, I let him make the call on length and color. My cuts and color are ALWAYS perfect.
Nina C.
I've been loyal to Junite for over 13 years precisely because he's good at what he does. Really, really good - as evidenced by the continuous stream of compliments I receive from strangers on the reg. Equally important, he's a wonderful, good-hearted person and that's the kind of person I want to support. You won't be sorry if you become a patron of his.
Stephanie J.
So, I had been going to Junite for many years and stopped because of how far away we live from Grandview. His haircuts are so good it did not take me long to realize that it would be worth my drive from Granville all the way out to see him. Nobody cuts my hair like he does. It's absolutely worth it!
Jason T.
My Junite in Shining Armor has been my personal hair whisperer for more than a decade of lengths, styles, colors, and the most AMAZING updo’s for formal events that never fail to wow! I trust his artistic instincts intuitively and am always delighted with the results! After a Saturday sitting in Junite’s chair of transformation, my boyfriend always knows we will be going out for the evening to show off my gorgeous tresses all thanks to Junite’s prodigious skills.
Loreen F.
I echo everything that's been said about Junite's skill as a stylist. I have thin but curly hair that's typically hard to style, but Junite has given me excellent cuts from the very beginning. I trust him completely! More importantly, Junite is a wonderful person. He's genuine, caring, warm and has a unique perspective on life. I look forward to my cuts as much for the conversation as I do for my hair.
Kaela K.
I love Junite! He's been my stylist for years. Wonderful style and great conversation. Book him now.
Josh Y.