In the industry 17 years. Specializing in hair care and makeovers. Your hair is your best accessory, treat it well. My family and I relocated to NC from NH 2 years ago, and we absolutely love it here! My husband Aaron is a local photographer, and we have a 7 year old son Corey. I'd like to thank all my fabulous guests for including us in all your lives. Without you I couldn't do what I love to do. xoxo 

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Kara does a fabulous job with color, cuts and style. I'm consistently impressed with her professional work ethic, knowledge of product and current trends, as well as her attention to detail. She is very talented and a joy to spend time with. Every time I leave her chair, I feel pampered and confident. Keep up the great work, Kara!
Heidi B.
Kara is phenomenal, I've struggled to find someone who can thin my hair and leave the length. She is a mind reader and my hair feels wonderful since being there! Thanks Kara!
Jessica S.
After years of struggling with brassy low lights, the first time I met Kara she looked at my natural hair and believed I didn't need low lights. Not only were they brassy after a few washings, they didn't compliment my skin tone like my natural color did. She could've given me lowlights like all of the other stylists I had gone to (and charged me more $) but knew it wasn't the result I wanted. I love that Kara really cares about what looks best more than she cares about how much she can charge and get away with. She's truly the best stylist I've ever had. And my hair color has never looked better!
Jackie S.