My name is Katharina Mark, AKA Katzen Creative. I am an avid photographer and creative hair stylist, as well as a small business woman, all of which I channel into my salon work. 


In my 30+ years of being a hair stylist, I have won the national Chicago Cosmetology STARS makeover competition, the Margarit Vinci Held “Creativity In Hairdressing” award, and multiple scholarships to Vidal Sassoon Academy in addition to working at Vidal Sassoon for 10 years, educating assistants, and being published for my photography and hair work. 


I specialize in hair cutting and finishing, both on men and women. I’m a people-person and a great collaborator who wants to work with you to create or improve your look! 


Now it’s our turn to shine. I can’t wait to meet you. 

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The only hairstylist that has been allowed to cut my hair for the past 5+ years! I worked beside her for 18 years and she has such a fun and loving personality. A true and honest person who loves what she does. Has a “vision” for what shape/style that will work best for you. She will take very good care of you and I promise, you won’t be disappointed!
Robyn S.
One of the most talented, creative, and incredibly personable hair stylists (and women) I’ve ever had work with my hair. You can tell she truly cares about her work, and her passion is contagious. She’s given me the courage to try new looks that helped me find my personal style. Kat is absolutely worth it!!
Skyler M.
I have always viewed a haircut with Katharina as a special experience. I believe our hair style significantly impacts the impression we make on others, and Katharina's dedication to her craft has helped me achieve the best possible expression of myself with my hair. Multiple members of my family have also experienced the luxury of a Katharina haircut as a result of my recommendation. Your tastes may evolve over time like mine have and Katharina will execute your vision with great expertise and insight. It is a privilege benefiting from Katharina's decades of experience, particularly considering she must serve some of the North Shore's and Chicago's most discriminating clientele. We only live once so might as well treat yourself to the best!
J N.
Katharina is amazing! You will love her. She has been cutting my hair for 20 years, and is the only hair stylist my two daughters have ever known. They are now 18 and 12. Not only will you come out looking great, but you will have also enjoyed your time with Kat.
Laura C.
Kat has been cutting my hair for 20years. I absolutely adore her and think she brings her intelligence and compassion to each of my cuts. She listens to what I want (or think I want) and then explains to me why that will or will not work- so the decision is mine in the end. I not only value her professionalism but her friendship as well.
Sapna M.
@katzencreative has been my creative inspiration literally since I was born- she never stops innovating and experimenting !!!! She gave me my first haircut ever when I was 1! My favorite go to person for anything and everything creative. She recently opened her own business (one of her many different businesses cuz this women does it all) so if your in the Northshore/Chicago area check out @katzencreative !! So proud of you:)!
Josephine M.