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I am a native of Greenville, MS and a graduate of Dekalb Beauty College. I am a Licensed Master Cosmetologist with over twenty years of experience in which I have kept up with the ever changing trends and styles. I am a perfectionist who is serious about my craft. I specialize in healthy hair and short hair styles. My philosophy is "Healthy hair is beautiful hair". I hold myself to the utmost professionalism and believe that each of my clients are my most important. So schedule your appointment and receive true "STAR" treatment.

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Kendra is not just a stylist, she is a hair care professional (or even more so...a perfectionist)! She does my natural hair every week and every week when I leave her chair, my hair has the look and feel of relaxed hair. She is all about healthy hair and advises against anything that she feels will harm your hair which is definitely a representation of her morals over money. It is so wonderful to have a stylist/hair care professional who takes great pride in her work and cares greatly about the needs and concerns of her customers. Thanks Kendra!!!~Dianne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dianne H.
I have been going to Kendra since I was in middle school, and she has always wowed me! You will feel like family and she truly cares about the health and outcome of your hair. You will not be disappointed! Alexandria Barrett, 24
Alexandria B.
Kendra has been doing my hair for 18 years and she does a wonderful job. Kudos to Kendra. Thanks for taking care of my hair. Rhonda
Rhonda H.
I love Kendra. She is the best stylist I have ever had. She has been doing my hair for 6 years now and it is the healthiest it has ever been. She has the MAGIC TOUCH. Thanks Kendra for the care you have taken in my hair to keep it growing, shiny and healthy. YOU are AWESOME!!!!!!!
Dianna C.
Hi my name is Debbie Elliott. I went to see Kendra because my hair was very damaged and I thought she would have to cut my hair down very low to repair the damage, I was very pleased with my new look. She did have to cut my hair but into a very nice bob style. I will be referring my friends and I will not be going to anyone else. Thanks Kendra.
Debbie E.
I'm so happy Kendra and her AWESOMENESS was able to pick me back up. I'm Ann, Kendra started doing my hair the last 6yrs of my military career, and she has been a heaven sent. She bought me thru the Natural process, maintaining the health and texture of my natural hair, and at the same time she kept my hair clean and classy, and I trust her to do what she does, I'm always pleased. I'm am back full time and she hasn't missed a beat. Thanks Kendra. Ann G.
Ann G.
Kendra has been doing my hair for over two years and she is the best. She has given my hair new life and I love my cut and color. Since, going natural and moving away from chemicals, Kendra has made my hair healty and beautiful. Thanks Kendra!
Allison L.
Kendra is a wonderful stylist who focuses on healthy hair, her main goal is to make your hair look great and be healthy at the same time. I have been natural for four years and my hair has never looked better; I often get great comments on my hair and people can’t believe I’m natural. If you want a great stylist who really cares about the long term health of your hair please make Kendra your permanent stylist.
Narvella D.
Kendra has been doing my hair for 20 years. I get my done every week. I love the way she does my hair, she’s great when it comes to cutting and styling short hair. J. Gray
Joyce G.
Kendra has been doing my hair since I was a little girl and she still does a great job on my hair. I always go to Kendra with a new hairstyle and she always hit it right on point. Kendra takes her time and she makes sure you are always pleased with her service. I will always be back. -Meghan C.
Meghan C.