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My Hair Salon is a place to come in,   put your feet up and relax! I create such a comfortable environment for my clientele, many of them never want to leave.

My specialies include Strand by Strand Hair Extensions, Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatments and Olaplex Bond Reconstruction for severly dry/damaged hair.

I have based my career off the idea that the integrity of your hair and your time are most important to me. I will never compromise your hair or have you waiting on me. I simply treat you the way I would want to be treated.

So please, come in an see all that I can do for you.    Contact Information 727-234-3762



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Hi my name is Jacqueline! I had my very first appt with Kettely on May 30th to get a touchup relaxer, trim and deep condition! She was such a delight to meet and work with! Before we got started working on my severely damaged hair we had a long deep conversation about my hair history. She was very attentive and knowledgeable about what my hair needed and the approach that we were going to take moving forward to help me hair. I feel fortunate to have found her and will continue seeing her! Thank you Kettely! Jacqueline F.
Jacqueline F.
Had my first appointment with Kettely and I must say I'm so happy I found her and impressed with her knowledge. She got my full hair story before working on me and truly educated me about the chemicals in my relaxer process. I had been natural for 10 years before going back to relaxers last year. I've had some bad stylist experiences since going back until now. Thank you so much! Booking my 6 weeks out now!
Tanisha N.
I came to Kettely after a very difficult online search for a new stylist. When I stumbled upon her page on the Salon Lofts site, I saw nothing but glowing, friendly reviews of her work, professionalism, and care. I decided to put my very damaged hair in her hands, hoping that she would have enough know-how to give me a final perm (I aspire to transition to natural hair) and a decent cut. When I arrived, she greeted me with a kind smile, which already put me at ease. My session started ON TIME (which is rare for a middle-of-the-day appointment) and she took the time to evaluate my hair and listen to my hair goals. She was so friendly and cared so much about me leaving as a satisfied customer. In the end, my style totally exceeded my expectations and it looked healthy in a way that I hadn't seen in a long time. Before I left, she gave me a few very valuable hair care tips to maintain my hair's health until our next appointment. I've only worked with her once and I already know that I wouldn't trust my hair with anyone else! Kettely is such a prize of a sylist! - Shannon M.
Shannon M.
Kettely is an amazing hairstylist. I was referred to her by a good friend. I have tried to find stylists over the years that knew how to work with my very curly, thick hair. I have never found anyone who has been able to handle it like kettely. In the past I used relaxers on my hair. My hair was very brittle and damaged. Kettely suggested a brazilian blowout treatment. I have never liked my hair so I have always used relaxers and numerous products. After the blowout I was amazed. I have never seen my hair look so healthy. I have gotten 2 blowouts and cuts from kettely and my hair has completely transformed. It's manageable, smooth, and I can wear it wavy or straight with minimal styling. I have NEVER been able to wear my hair natural without mousse or gel. I love my results. Kettely is an expert in this treatment and truly cares that your hair be in its healthiest state. I highly recommend her for any hair needs. Neka W.
Neka W.
I have been following Kettely for 15 years now, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair.
Yolonda B.
So I have been natural for a little over a year now, and it started off great, but the longer my hair got the more trouble it caused me. I have soft textured hair, but I also have supper tight curls. Which equals a nightmare to detangle and manage. I searched the internet for a way to loosen my curl without having to use a texturizer or relaxer, and that’s when I saw a video on Brazilian Blowout on African American hair (thank you Jesus). Since I was new to this area I did a web search on salons and stylist that specialize in Brazilian Blowout, that’s how I found Kettely. I read her testimonials and decided to give her a try. BEST decision I ever made, she is AMAZING. She asked what my concerns were, listened to me, and took a good look at my hair and we decided that the Brazilian Blowout would be the best solution. It worked so well, my hair stated straight for a while then I did my first wash, and I LOVED the results…my curls were loser and my comb glided through my hair, with little to no breakage, and a lot less shrinkage….I HIGHLY recommend Kettely as a stylist, she is very knowledgeable and the Brazilian blowout is AWESOME!!! -Marilyn E.
Marilyn L.
I love my haircuts by Kettely, she never disappoints. I can bring in any style and she does the cut exactly like I want. Kettely has been cutting my hair for years and I would not go to anyone else. She does a great job. Thank you Kettely Betty
Betty K.
I have been coming to Kettley for at least 10 years now. About 2 years ago I decided to go natural. After all the struggles of transitioning from relaxed to natural , I was seriously contemplating going back to a relaxer because my natural hair was becoming completely unmanageable. It was to the point where I had to go to a salon to get my hair done because I simply couldn’t manage washing and detangling all this kinky coily hair. I got the Brazilian Blowout from Kettley and the results were life changing! (For real, the natural hair struggle is intense. LOL) Immediately after Ketley put the Brazillian Product in she was able to run a comb through my natural hair. I thought it might be a magic trick, but no my 4C kinky coily hair had transformed into detangled defined coils. Finally I was able to wash and style my own hair sometimes instead of running to the salon weekly. Not only was I able to wash and blow-dry my own hair with ease. I was able to work out and go outside to combat Florida’s humidity while retaining my straight sleek look. Prior to my Brazilian Blowout, working out or just being out in this summer humidity often resulted in a big ball of frizz. The Brazilian Blowout lasted about two and a half to three months as far as humidity resistance and about 4 months in terms of detangling ease. So whether you’re a natural who likes to blow your hair out straight or one who likes to rock your natural curls the Brazilian Blowout by Kettley will make your hair routine %100 easier.
Veronica T.
One word, "Brazilian Blowout!" Kettely has instantly revived my hair from damage and dullness to shiny and silky. She is such an AMAZING stylist and can repair your hair in hours. She is an educator and she can do all kinds of hair types. Now, when I run my fingers through my hair I no longer feel dry and brittle strands, but silky, shiny and tangle free strands. If you are in need of a new look or a new stylest - please look no further. Kettley will definately give you a new look and make you feel so amazing!! - Stephanie C.
Stephanie R.
Kettely has been doing my bi-racial daughter's hair for the past 11 years. I don't trust anyone else to touch her hair. She has done 2 Brazilian Keratin treatmentson her hair. The results were fabulous. Her hair was absolutely stunning. The treatments left her usually curly hair straight in the Florida humidity for almost 6 months. Well worth the money. She educates my daughter, Avery, on how to take care of her hair. Kettely is simply "THE BEST!"
Julie W.
It is an awesome feeling to know that my hair is so cared for by my Stylist Kettely. From the wonderful products which she uses, to those awesome scalp massages, and all of the healthful tidbits that she gives us to ensure that we have healthy hair. These are a few of the many reasons that she has been my stylist for the past 14 + years.
Carol M.
In a word: awesome! She did a great job on my hair - I'm on my way to getting it healthy again and it's all thanks to Kettely. It was so soft and manageble and stayed straight on the most humid day! I'm very impressed with how great my hair is and how wonderful she is to work with.
Sara S.
Kettely is a fantastic stylist who saved my hair. When I first first came to Kettely nearly 8 years ago, my hair was severely damaged in most places and completely bald (smooth!) in others. I'd recently severed a long-term relationship with a stylist who started taking shortcuts and playing fast and loose with my hair, leading to the severe damage. Kettely took one look at my hair, and started a treatment plan to get my hair healthy and growing again. I was so happy with my results, I started bringing my two (then elementary/middle school aged) daughters to her as well. Now, 8 years later, my hair is long, full, natural and healthy. I wear it braided down with a full cap sew-in weaved style. It's more expensive and time-consuming than a "quick weave," but Kettely's focus isn't just the beauty of the weave -- it's the HEALTH of my natural hair. But don't get it twisted...the weave is ON. POINT. (Google my name -- Zanetta K. Robinson. See pics with a great weave? It's Kettely's work.) She's trustworthy and an expert in her field. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Zanetta R.
When I was attending college at UF, I didn’t have the luxury of going to get my hair done by Kettley every other week. And on top of that, I wasn’t using the product that she used on my hair when I did get a chance to come home. And to make things worse, Gainesville has hard water. My hair stated to break off and shed like crazy. My hair was so thin. Kettley being the wonderful stylist that she is, told me that I had to cut my hair, and she was going to put me on some hair product that would get my hair growth and thickness back. I was on Design essential shampoo and Design essential conditioner and the botanical oil. She also told me to drink lots of water! After two months I could see a difference on how my hair felt, and currently my hair is back to its original thickness and length. I have been going to Kettley for 14yrs. and she definitely believes in and practices good hair health care. Thanks Ms. Kettley. Melissa Ramsey
Verna R.