At a very early age, I stumbled across the art of hair design during my studies in The Core of Masters Cosmetology at Paul Mitchell The School. I had initially attended Paul Mitchell with the idea of becoming a nail technician or a skilled makeup artist and quickly fell in love with hair. I graduated with a new found talent, career, and obsession. Excited and intrigued by my new path, but lost in the vast world and industry in front of me, my Dad gave me the advice, "Never stop learning, education is the best investment in your career and always strive for the best, so that you can be the best."  With those words, I dove in and shortly after my first taste of the salon world, I was honored to receive an apprenticeship and train with Sassoon Salon of Atlanta. When I say, "Blood, Sweat, and Tears". There is absolutely no better way to describe the amount of dedication and discipline that one must have to specialize on a Sassoon level. Since then, four amazing years have passed with Sassoon and I could not be more grateful to have found the necessary skills and tools to enhance my passion for hair cutting. I am embarking on a new chapter in my career and thank everyone who has come along! 

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Lira is excellent! She gave me a beautiful, chic, effortless, wake up looking great haircut! Don't hesitate! She's as good as the best, & better than the rest! Thank you Lira!
Holly H.
Lira’s more than just a master cutter, she’s a bonafide genius with naturally curly hair! I left a natural hair stylist after 6 years and Lira is the BEST!! When I leave her (chic;) salon, my hair is always shiny, hydrated, and FLAWLESS! I’m so thankful that I found her-she’s changed how I feel about my hair (I love my hair now) and I adore her for it! You’re the best, Lira-xoxo!
Leah K.
Best cutting artist in Atlanta - plus she is just a joy to be around!
Mia J.
Lira has been cutting my hair for the last 4 years and does a great job with my thin, fine locks. I know I can count on her to make the most of my type hair! Marsha H
Marsha H.
I met Lira at Vidal Sassoon Salon while she was in training and i just absolutely loved her beautiful hair and innovative hair cuts and her warm personality. At that time I already had my stylist with whom I'd been with for several years so needless to say I was really disappointed when she left, however Lira had finished her training and stepped right in matching and even exceeding the ability of the stylist i had previously. Lira makes my thin locks look simply fabulous! I'm so proud of her starting her own business and I know she has a great career ahead of her!
Juette T.
I have been getting my haircut by Lira since she was at Sassoon in the Lenox mall. She always tells me that she can tell how good a cut is as it grows out. Basically low key bragging on herself. Lol. But she is right because I would continue to get compliments even when it was time to get a new cut as if people thought i had just got my hair cut. Not only is she a great stylist, she is a great person. I know everytime i leave her shop i will be completely satisfied. Thank you Lira for being so awesome!
T J.
Lira is my absolute favorite. I followed her from Sassoon because no one does hair like she does. She's extremely diverse in her talents and loves being creative when given the chance. Love love LOVE!
Alexxandria S.
Lira's a master at hair cutting and has the best personality! I was comfortable with her from the first day. There's no one I trust more with my hair. Top notch.
Nicole J.
Lira is the only one that I trust with my hair! She is the best in atlanta, I definitely recommend her !!
Matino M.
I receive compliments on my hair cut all the time, and many of the compliments come from other hair artist. Lira’s training from Vidal Sassoons puts her a step above most in her field. Lira listens to what you want, takes her time cutting your hair and the results are amazing. Bottom line, Lira rocks a haircut like no other! Carol Martin
Carol M.
Love, love, love her. Lira precision cuts are worth the visit. - Jen J
Jennifer J.
Lira is an amazing cutting artist with great style and technique. I love my haircut and get tons of compliments. I'm so happy to have found her!
Candyce W.
Lira is an exceptional hair stylist! I’ve always been the type of person that struggles to get a perfect haircut that fits my face. Every time I go to her, she understands exactly what I want to accomplish with each haircut! She’s been the only hairstylist to finally get me and my style, I absolutely recommend her. She offers both great haircuts and customer service!
Eren R.