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Since I graduated with my cosmetology license I have continued my education training with multiple core cutting classes, color technique classes, as well as becoming Brazilian Blowout certified. My work is devoted to giving each individual custom hair creativity that is ideal for their own personal look and lifestyle! 

      I am a thorough hair cutterist that is Hattori Hanzo educated. Long layers and sassy short bobs are my favorite cuts! When it comes to styling all you need to know is that Hollywood curls, Beach Waves, and intricate Braids of all shapes are my Domain!!! 

        My specialization is in hair color; from basic balayages and beautiful blondes, to high fashion rainbow / vivid colors, and lets not forget those fiery redheads like myself. Truly when it comes to color I can do it all!!! I just love it!

       I have worked with Scruples, Matrix, and Paul Mitchell through the years and I am currently working with Kenra products. I make sure to use the top of the line products like Olaplex (a bond multiplier) and B3(a bond builder) into every color formula applied to your hair. This is to ensure the very best, safest, and healthiest color results possible, along with long lasting shiny results! 

        My Clients are always my number one priority. I will always begin with a detailed consultation to thoroughly understand exactly what you are looking to achieve for your hair goals along with the future maintenance required. Communication and visualization are extremely important for me to determine what will be the best for you and your hair in the long run. (So please bring pictures).


         I’m Located off 312 in the cobblestone plaza:

         440 CBL Dr, Saint Augustine Fl 32086

         Suite #1


So all my Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Saint Augustine, and Palm Coast local ladies book an appointment soon.  Treat yourself to a "Me" Day and you will be welcomed with a nice glass of wine or a mimosa. Let me pamper your troubles away! I'm the first suite to the right open in Loft #1.


Why I Love It:

     I have been an artist since I was young. For me, art is a way life. I have been selling my art since I was 15 years old, and have always loved painting since I was a child. As I got older I began to use my talents for income by painting murals and portraits for businesses. I even spent 2 years as a custom cake designer molding and creating 3D, edible decor for weddings and birthday cakes. Throughout the years I have also built and designed custom furniture for others as a way of income. If two hands can make it you better believe I’m going to try it, so once I realized I needed to settle and pick a consistent career, becoming a hair colorist was a no brainer. It puts all my skills, love, and need for color in one area. As an added bonus I get to simultaneously work with and help people while doing what I'm passionate about every day.


      I love cultivating personal one on one relationships with my clients, and learning about the many different unique traits and talents that make each person so special in their own individualistic ways. Not to mention how incredibly blessed It makes me feel that God has placed me in positions where I can truly help make a positive difference in someone’s life. Whether it’s just making someone feel beautiful in the moment or giving encouragement through a hard time. I truly believe it is one of the most important things in this life to help lift each other up when we’re down and really try to love everybody at any chance we get!


How I Got My Name My Background :

     So some of you are probably wondering how I got the name Feather Refuge. Well it all goes back to one of my favorite bible versus Psalm 91-4. As a Christian I try to use my talents to honor Christ, seeing as he is the only reason I have them in the first place. So years ago when I started selling my paintings I decided my signature would be painting a hidden dove into each photo. This was meant to represent the Holy Spirit and how he is always with you even when you can’t always see. Along with the dove I named my paintings with biblical names based on a bible verse that described what I wanted my art to represent. The first painting I tried this out on was a rooster which I chose to name-after one of Christs many names, “Buckler,” meaning shield or cover. I used the verse, “Psalm 91-4,” to represent this particular painting because the parallel of the roosters and his job to protect, defend, and shield the hens from danger; just how Christ does for us. Christ is our Buckler. 



     As the years went by and I began my cosmetology career I struggled to find a branding that would have a similar spiritual representation as my artwork. There were many points when I really needed a business name that would stand out and represent my unique style. Finally the time came that I made a decision when I began to do business with another amazing cosmetologist, Candace Robinson. Candace having her own business name already, “Gypsy Glam,” suggested that I either merge under her one name, or finally decide and settle on my own brand that would be complementary with hers. So as I began to feel the pressure arising, I took a deep breath and said a prayer about it. I asked God to put it on my heart as quickly as possible and simply reveal the name that would be a perfect representation of me, my work, and my faith. Behold about 2 hours later, while packing up my artwork, it hit me; “Feather Refuge.” Psalms 91:4 says - "God will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge." I loved it, and how it points straight to Christ, not to mention its catchy, and how much I love feathers or anything hippie for that matter, just made it so much more me! Then I thought a little harder and realized it totally went with my girls name gypsy glam. Also the name works perfectly to represent my artwork and the dove signature, so it covers all my business ventures! Finally to top it all off it completely explains my profession as a hairdresser. I am your feather rescuer, taming those heads of hair and repairing those dead ends, just fluffing your feathers sky high, till you are peacock pretty baby, that’s what I do! So there you have it, I am and always will be known as Feather Refuge:) 


  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Kenra
  • Perfect Glow Sunless
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
I honestly don’t know where to start when talking about Madison. First of all, she immediately returned my first phone call, which told me a lot about her work ethic. Then when I talked to her, she was so welcoming and friendly... I knew that I would be in good hands. No doubt she’s heard every horror story from new clients, but she listened intently and was assuring. At my first appointment, I just knew I picked the right stylist. When I left, I felt so happy that I found a true professional, someone that actually listened to all my fears and requests. Madison is amazing!!
Gjr G.
Madison did a terrific job on my hair. She gave me a great cut and wonderful color and had a lot of great suggestions on products, etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Tricia Rankin
Tricia R.
Madison does an excellent job with color. She is very friendly and her prices are competitive. When I come for appointments I feel like I am visiting a friend !
Vanessa L.
Madison did an amazing job on transforming both mine and my daughters hair. We could not be happier with her work, dedication and skill. I would highly recommend her!!!
Samantha M.
Hi Madison, Just wanted you to know that I love the conditioning color treatment you gave me. Even my husband noticed it was brighter and whiter! Just what I wanted so keep that formula! And the bangs and layer trim were also terrific! It looks great and feels so healthy. Thanks again and see you in a month or so (or until I'm tempted to trim my bangs myself!). Have a great day! Linda
Linda G.
Yesterday was my first visit with Madison and let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE. I’ve been wanting to have my hair done for months but kept putting it off due to past experiences. I finally decided to book with Madison and brought her a very basic idea of what I was kind of, sort of, maybe thinking (I was not helpful at all, so many “I don’t know” answers for her) and she managed to get it, transform it and give me the absolute BEST haircut and color I could’ve imagined. She brought my hair back to life! My hair is shiny, soft and the purple is vibrant! I can’t stop looking in the mirror! She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional and so easy to talk to. She has definitely gained a client for life! Book with her, I PROMISE you won’t go anywhere else again!
Katie S.