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I have been cutting,coloring, and creating hairstyles,for a very long time.  Throughout my career, I thought because I used "professional" hair color, My products were "healthy". Boy, was I wrong. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I started researching the chemicals in hair color. To my horror, alot of chemicals in color, have been linked to cancers. As a matter of fact: parabens, are found  in ammoniated  hair color. They are  also is found in every breast cancer cell. This was a wake up call! I researched safer, hair color options, and after  experimenting with  a few brands, I  found Oway   hair color. This Italian color is  biodynamic. A step above organic, biodynamic farming ensures the most eco friendly and ethical method of harvesting ingredients.These include botanicals,plant butters, and pure essential oils. Oway's green chemists hand select formulas with the highest percentage of natural ingredients and the least amount of chemicals possible.Its key ingredients are: Biodynamic hibiscus ,organic perilla oil ,organic cotton protein, and fair trade date oil. It is free from   ammonia, parabens,petrolatum,phthalates,,and gmo's. ......  It is  the BEST color I have ever used! If you have health issues, or, are looking for the healthiest hair you can possibley have, call me for an appointment. You, your health, & your hair, will thank me for it! If you would like to purchase Oway products, click here.

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