My hair journey doesn’t start with a typical line “I loved it since I was a little girl cutting all of my dolls hair” or “I was doing all of my girlfriend’s hair in high school.” I never even thought of doing hair as a carrier nor ever knew I had any talents. I went to college in Serbia (that’s where I m from) and when I moved to Atlanta as any other immigrant, I was looking for a job that will get me through till I get settled. That’s how I got one as an assistant in a salon and that’s how my journey started.

Kevin S. was a stylist that hired me and he is the one that I have to give lots of credits for where I m today. Not learning how to do hair was not optional, he literally put the scissors and comb in my hands the second week of work and told me to cut someone’s hair. At first, it was not easy, I was coming home with blisters on my hands from blow drying hair but I was determined to learn and I did not want to give up. I started to love everything about hair and I wanted to pursue it as my career. I constantly educated myself (which I do till this day), so I could find and define myself as an artist and molded it to my own craft.

I’m currently working as an independent stylist.

The hair I like to do is a natural looking hair, the hair that never goes out of style. So, if you follow my page, you will see a lot of blondes and brunettes. And even though I like to keep up with the new fashions and trends and I love seeing all the fun stuff in the industry, I am not the one you are going to seek to do your vivid colors. I feel like you cannot master in everything that this craft has to offer, so I stayed focused on what I like and put all of my efforts to specialize in it.

I’m a proud mom of two beautiful girls.

  • Schwarzkopf Professional
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