I’ve been a hairdresser in the Charlotte area for 33 years. I’m a master at my skills and primarily focus on modern current hair cutting and all techniques of hair color from ombré and balayage to all over color hi lights and corrective color as well.  I’ve been trained in Europe Japan as well as here in the United States   I’ve also been a platform artist and educator for hair companies in the past. I’m excited to be a part of this new location of SalonLofts here at the Savoy in Charlotte and look forward to meeting any new clients that I can accommodate.  

  • Pravana
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Mark is an absolute wizard with hair. He gave me the best haircut of my life. He understands hair and what makes it look great!!
Gretchen W.
I am a 20 plus year client, and love my appointments with Mark! He not only is a talented artist, but a compassionate, caring, entertaining friend. What a testament to the person and stylist he is that so many of his clients have been with him for decades (time to stop counting). He knows my hair, my style, my likes, and my needs without me even having to communicate them. I always walk out with stunning color and beautiful hair. But, most importantly, I leave feeling happy after spending time with Mark. He’s the best!
Susan M.
I’ve been a client of Mark’s for twenty years and can say from experience he’s fantastic! Always the perfect cut, and he’s an imaginative and skilled colorist who’s not afraid to experiment. He knows what’s current and what’s classic.
B T.
Mark has been sole proprietor of my hair for over thirty years, which pretty much speaks for itself. Even though I’ve grown old and set in my ways, he remains young and hip ... keeping current on the the latest trends and styles. I treasure his friendship and advice, and would highly recommend Mark if you are looking for a change!
Autumn B.
Mark has been my stylist for 23 years. In that time he has become one of my most favorite people in the world. Yes, he is a fantastic hair stylist, but also a dear friend. He is hilarious, kind and thoughtful. But, the hair! It’s rare that a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop and compliment me on my hair. Mark is the absolute best at what he does and I love that I don’t have to make a decision on what to do with my hair because he keeps it current, stylish and looking great. And my color is always perfect for my skin tone. But, my most favorite thing is how I feel when I leave Mark’s salon. Yes, my hair always looks beautiful, but I also feel beautiful.
Rebecca I.
Mark has been doing my hair for over 15 years - time flies, who can count? All I know is I would never trust anyone else to cut and style my hair! I have naturally curly hair and if it’s not cut and styled properly I end up looking like Little Orphan Annie. Over the years I’ve had some terrible cuts. Thank goodness I found Mark! He has a flair for styling each person’s hair to flatter their face and their personality. He’s also great at pushing you to be a little edgier and trying something new. I’ve allowed him to make suggestions for changes over the years and I’ve always been thrilled with the results.
Sheryl G.
Mark has been my hair stylist for over 30 years. I can honestly say my cut and color (which is gorgeous) are perfect every time I walk out of his salon. It’s wonderful to look great when you leave but even better to know I can wash and blow dry it myself with very little effort to make it look beautiful. I live in Charlotte most of the time but also in Greenwich Connecticut. I get asked about my hair here all the time which is great but even better if I’m in Connecticut or New York and people want the name of my stylist. I of course give them Mark’s name but also tell them the cost of the ticket to get to Charlotte! In addition he’s sweet and caring ...I could not love him more. Nancy C
Nancy C.
I’ve known Mark for 30+ years; he started doing my hair when I was still in school. I don’t have great hair - it’s fine, thin and frankly has issues of its own, lol. But whenever I leave Mark’s chair, I feel like a million bucks. He’s the best hair stylist I’ve ever known and I think it speaks volumes that most people who come to him stay for decades. He has many interesting clients, I never know if I’m going to meet a lawyer or heart surgeon while my hair processes! Mark is also intelligent, interesting and compassionate - I think most people end up loving him as much as I do! For as long as Mark does hair and I have hair to do, I’ll be seeing him, every time.
Leslie T.
I always look forward to my appointments with Mark! Not only because my hair always looks and feels amazing but he is also one of my favorite people to spend time with. He is fun, professional and a true master at his craft. He has perfected my color and my cut is easy to manage...even if I go a little too long between appointments. I can’t recommend him enough!
Gayle F.
I started seeing Mark shortly after moving to Charlotte from San Francisco. Aside from being an incredible stylist and an absolute genius with color, he’s also a great person. I don’t think I would have survived the culture shock of the move without him. Every time I’m in his chair, I feel like I’ve come home. He’s hilarious, kind, and knows his business better than almost anyone I’ve ever seen.
Dorothy H.
Mark is amazing! A master stylist and colorist, he can do it all. The thing I love about Mark is his passion for what he does. He keeps current with new trends, is always ready with fresh ideas, and is a true artist. I absolutely trust Mark with my hair and love my cut and color every time. I am always getting compliments on my hair and asked who my stylist is. I adore Mark and I am thankful for the many, many years he has taken care of my hair. -Jill C.
Jill C.
Mark has taught me more about real beauty than anyone else I have ever known. It's almost incidental that my hair has also looked amazing for decades. Mark is talented, and kind, and beautiful himself in all the right ways. Seriously, he doesn't have clients, he has friends he knows and cares about, and he helps us all be our most beautiful selves. Clearly, I love this guy.
Allison E.