Cancellation Policy: 50% of service will be charged upon failure to cancel 24 hours BEFORE appointment time.

October 2022 books open Sunday September 18th at 5pm! Accepting New Clients! 

Hi! I’m so glad to welcome you to MC Beauty Salon! I’m a Master Cosmetologist who specializes in working with children and I’m very patient when it comes to tender heads! I look forward to servicing every one of you! In order to make each service go as smoothly as possible I’ll need your help! See below:

  1. All new clients must have a consultation prior to booking. Text, call or email me to discuss your specific hair needs!

  2. Hair must be ready for a shampoo, all out, in puff(s) or large twists, NO braids. If possible, please have conditioner in hair prior to appointment time. This will help loosen some tangles and soften the hair.
  3.  There is a 15 minute grace period from the start of your appointment time. After that time you will be charged a late fee. Please contact me because we may have to reschedule and/or change style. A no call no show may not be able to book again without my approval.
  4. Added hair services must be booked in advance! It will not be added at the time of appointment. All added hair colors must be confirmed 24-48 hours before appointment time.  

  5. A detangling fee of $20 and up will be added on if it takes more than 10 mins to detangle.   

  6. If you have a electronic device for your child to use that is highly encouraged!  

  7. I prefer Zelle for payment. Cash App, Venmo, or Square will require an additional $5 service fee. If you choose to bring cash, Please bring the exact amount you wish to pay.  

  8.  When booking for multiple people under one account: Book each appointment separately and in the Notes area, add the name for who the service is for. Contact me if you have questions!

Thank you so much for choosing MC Beauty! 

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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Maya has been doing my daughter’s hair for many years. It was a blessing to find a braider that also knows about trimming and maintaining healthy hair care.
Kat F.
Maya specializes in braids for children, however, as a very picky adult client, she has exceptional patience with me. I love the fact that she is very passionate and knowledgeable about healthy hair care and protective hair styles. She is always very pleasant and gives great service! - Nita
Lanita L.
Maya has been a godsend to my daughter’s hair. Maya being a licensed stylist that braids makes our lives so much easier. I can trust that she’s going to take care of my little ones hair integrity. She is an amazing stylist and we are so glad we found her. Maya is also gifted in being able to completely replicate any style she sees! We always get exactly what we asked for.
Veronica D.