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Reclaiming naturally textured hair

Creating livable shapes in natural hair to enhance, empower and embrace the hair that grows 

A craft near and dear to my heart, I specialize in hair's natural form, its characteristics, needs, custom shaping, dimensional color, healing, growth and maintenance.

It's more than just hair... it's how we see ourselves in the mirror, our culture, our individuality.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, understanding the different and very specific needs of tight curls and coils, along with debunking cultural norms became urgent for me to translate and share. 

Servicing all curls, kinks, swaves, poofs, fuzzs, coils of all genders, identities, cultures, ages

hourly pricing

Join me in empowering others and bringing life back to basics through natural hair.



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Level 3 Deva Curl

Cut It Kinky Alum

Natural Texture Specialist


  • Deva Curl
  • AG Hair Care
  • Innersense Organic Beauty
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
I feel good about my curls for the first time in so long! Michelle absolutely understands curly and wavy hair. But most important to me... she understands that it shouldn't take 2 hours and 6 or 7 products on every wash day to have happy curls! She helped me with a simple routine and took the time to teach me how to wash and condition my hair and how to properly use styling products. No one has ever really done that! She was so patient as I asked oodles of questions! I have tried multiple curly hair stylists in the area, but I have never had a stylist really "see" my curls and my struggles the way Michelle did.
Mika S.
I had my first appointment with Michelle today and loved how she cut and styled my hair that I have already made an appointment to come back!
Maggie A B.
I saw Michelle about 2months ago. I have always wanted my hair cut by a deva curl specialist. I was sooo excited when I found her. Both me and my 3yr old daughter have curly hair. Curly hair can be challenging so it was awesome learning new rid bits about my hair and how to manage it. Michelle was great with my 3yr old! So patient and and gentle. I highly recommend Michelle. Its soo comforting knowing she gets me and my struggles w my hair :)
Alissa O.
So glad I found Michelle. She's amazing, kind, helpful and knows curly hair!! She's passionate about getting to know her clients and what their hair goals are. If you're looking for a stylist to take on your curls, look no further.
Wendy M.
Michelle is amazing! She is the only one I trust with my curls. Looking forward to getting my curly cut and color again soon!
Tori P.
Thankful for someone with a heart of gold who is super passionate about curly hair. Michelle is amazing & I’m so glad I found her! She is great with all textures of her.
April S.
I am LOVING my curly cut! Michelle is outstanding!
Valerie D.
I have struggled with my hair my whole life, not only to 'tame' it but also to accept it. Michelle helped me to understand and work with my hair instead of against it with her cuts for curly hair, styling tips, and overall knowledge, but she also to love and accept my hair as a unique part of myself. My hair has never felt healthier or received more compliments!
Rachel L.
You did such a fabulous job the last time that I am able to wait, minus hair anxiety, until this crisis is over to come back! I will reschedule my appointment when we all feel safer. Take care, be safe. Fondly, Janice Martinez
Janice M.
I started getting the DevaCurl cut at the original Devachan in NYC back in 2007. (My under-paid-mid-20s self made the money work for a good cut.) Through the years, I found *my* favorite cutter in Brooklyn. And then we moved to Durham in 2015… As many know, one of the hardest part of moving is who to entrust with my wavy-curly-does-it’s-own-thing and needs a calm hand and soothing spirit to get the best cut that works for me, for my hair, my face, my life. After a few misses and “good enough” cuts, I was ecstatic to find Michelle. I’ve followed her diligently for over two years, and am willing to make the drive to Cary for our appointments. (If that doesn’t speak for itself, I don’t know what would!) Michelle is not only incredible at her work, but also has a radiant personality and spirit. Her dedication to education of curls, for herself and anyone who is interested, is palpable. Michelle listens intently, understands deeply, and I always feel like the best version of myself whenever I leave her chair. An incredible value for a high impact service.
Annette A.