Minnie is armed with 11+ years of licensed experience in the industry, graduating early and with high honors from the Aveda Institute in 2009. She specializes in men's grooming, especially transition and technique focused cuts and styles, Minnie has not only perfected her craft, but also has taught numerous fellow stylists how to perfect their cuts as well. No matter the look, Minnie is intensely versatile, thus able to create any aesthetic you'd want. 

Check out www.instagram.com/clippedwingsalon for more details of her original concept space and her work. 

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After moving to Chicago, I bounced around numerous barbershops, salons, etc, never finding someone who could properly deal with my somewhat difficult hair. I have cowlicks nearly everywhere on my head, and my hair grows out really quickly. The first time I saw Minnie, I almost jokingly asked her to make my hair look like David Lynch's....which, as you may know, is likely impossible. She was not only the first stylist to not casually complain about the odd directions in which my hair grows, she loved the challenge. Yes, I walked out looking like David Lynch, yes, the cut grew out so well I wasn't even sure if I needed another for a record amount of time, and yes, she's been the only one I'll let come close to me with a pair of scissors for 3 years now. If you have a hairstyle in mind that you don't think is possible, it is, you just have to see Minnie. Z Rye Small Business Owner / Beverage Educator Chicago IL
Zak R.
Once I moved to Chicago I knew I had to find the best hairdresser possible, since I am very particular about my hair. On my first leap of faith I found Minnie. She was everything that I wanted, and have been with her for two years now. The attention to detail, precision, and consistency still amazes me. My hair cut takes more time than usually, and Minnie never complains or comments on it, she just ensures that I’m always on point. My hair is kept in tip top shape, whether it be for work, a photo shoot, or my regular life, she keeps my in check for any situation. I would 100% recommend Minnie to anyone. -M. Croft
Maxwell C.
Minnie's focus on care, consistency, and attention to detail result in not just a great haircut, but a great experience. She has a knack for listening and translating what you're looking for (including remembering even minor preferences over time!), and she never rushes the details. This is why I've been going to Minnie for ~2 years now - it's easy because I enjoy her style, trust her, and get exactly what I'm looking for every time!
Harry G.
My first few years in Chicago I had a hard time finding a trusted hair stylist that delivered the type of cut I envisioned. I would try out a new barber shop basically every time I needed a haircut in hopes of finding one I could trust. Luckily, I found Minnie about 5 years ago and now I won't let anyone else touch my hair or beard. She's extremely friendly and makes the entire experience worthwhile. Minnie can take a photo and style hair almost identically, showcasing all her skills. Incredible attention to detail (no strand of hair left behind). She remembers all of my preferences without reminder. It's really refreshing to have a hair stylist who knows your scalp and consistently delivers quality cuts. Not only is she great with hair, she provides an excellent beard trim. I'm sensitive about my facial hair and appreciate her work there as well. On top of all this, she offers a free "touch-up" within a couple weeks of your cut to keep the look clean. I would recommend Minnie to anyone looking for a precise cut and style. I always leave more satisfied than expected. -Spencer R.
Spencer R.