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My inspiration is the health and well-being of others and the connection between the body and mind.  My approach is gentle and focused, adapting to the clients needs and preferences; deep pressure to light pressure from specific pain relief to general relaxation.  I help clients build and understand body awareness, stress reduction and active self-care so they can maximize the benefits of massage after each session.  You will see only two types of Massage Services offered because they are always customized to whatever the client needs.

I am a graduate of Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage here in Charlotte as well as The New York College of Health Professions in Syosset New York.  I am a dual Licensed Massage Therapist in North Carolina and New York, as well as a Licensed Esthetician in North Carolina and New York.  I am also Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

My detailed work includes Integrative Massage, which means combining techniques and modalities to be able to listen to the body and offer it exactly what it needs.  Combining different modalities whether it is swedish, deep tissue, trigger point or neuromuscular allows the space in the body and mind to open up and allow for more room, where healing can take place. My intention always is to create each Massage session to be exactly what the body and mind need at that time, to help create harmony in the body, mind and soul.

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Nicole is by far the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. I have been getting massages for 12 years and no one has ever given the whole mind and body experience. I highly recommend Nicole.
Kristina S.
After working at salons and spas most of my life I have had many many massages from many different therapists. So far none of them have even come close to my experience with Nicole Sellars. Not only does she give the most amazing massage but she really listens to her clients needs and trys to work them into each treatment session. She is so a sweet and it is scary how intuitive she is which something I think makes an awesome massage therapist!! I have sent all my friends and family to her. Defintley book a massage with her you won't be disappointed!!
Dena R.
Nicole provides the best messages I've ever had. She will take the time to ask you about any issues or spots you'd like to have worked on. She truly cares about your wants and needs and does a superb job in providing the relief and relaxation you desire.
Kim F.
There is absolutely nothing like a massage from Nicole. She's in touch with the body on an extremely strong kinesthetic level as she strongly provides for the body and mind. Do yourself a favor and experience what many people have already said to be true.... Nicole gives the best massages in the universe.
Ty G.
I have been getting massages from Nicole for about 7 years. She has the most healing hands and has expertise with pain and inflammation. Nicole is a professional who is dedicated to giving individualized treatments for her clients. She is a unique masseuse who brings light and love into a relaxing and healing environment.
Susan G.