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I received my Managing Cosmetology License in 2010 and a year later had my Instructor License as well. I have a passion for continuing education! I love keeping up with the latest products and trends. I am very thorough with all of my services. I love to take time to show my clients how to get a salon finish at home. There's nothing I like to do more than to give a client a great new cut, accented with fresh color. Making you feel beautiful is what it's all about!

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I am currently accepting new clients. I look forward to seeing you in Loft 6! Don't forget  to ask about my referral program. Please look for me on Facebook too!

Gift Certificates Available

  • All Nutrient (Organic)
  • Aquage
  • Lanza
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Nikki has been doing my hair for a few years and am always happy with the results. Love her new salon. It's very comfortable and inviting!
Diane S.
Nikki is incredibly gifted. I found her about 9 months ago after I noticed a co-workers hair looked SO cute every time she got it cut. Now I'm the one with the really cute cut and I've never had so many compliments :)
Jeanine A.
Nikki is a true talent. She is very customer oriented and has a beautiful personality. Add that to her design skill and there's none better. I say this coming from a family of well-known and quite gifted designers. I'm recommending her often and have been asked several times this week: "Who does your hair?"
Lauren C.
I've been cutting my own hair since 2003, I'm very odd, hoping to turn that into eclectic. I decided on a tonsur, the most jackass of all religious hair cuts... I had zero idea if Nikki had skills I just knew the most asinine hair cut ever attempted on the west side was going on me. I thought well whatever happens I'll be near Nikki and that never makes me upset, my monk outfit was ok... the shiny HOLY perfect dome Nikki created was a thing of wonder... Eveyone stopped and gathered to see Nikki in the zone... People thought it was such a great latex and I HAD to say touch the rubber, when the reality of Nikki's majesty hit their fingers and they knew it was real minds were blown... No man has ever asked for more from Mrs B in a hair cut than I, I cannot express her fearless nature and exceptional talent enough... Nikki it's just not fair for you to be that sweet, talented, and attractive. C u 9 months
Stevie C.
Nikki started doing my hair while she was still In school. I didn't mind if she practiced on me because it's just hair. But I never had to worry because she always did an amazing job. I, as have many other clients, have journeyed with her to each salon and I am so excited for this new chapter in her career! She truly is the best and I can't wait to sit in her new chair!!!
Amanda M.
Nikki gave me a great pixie cut last week. I received so many compliments! It is so easy to style.
Jean G.
Nikki is very passionate about her work and loves making her clients happy. She is dedicated to making sure you receive exactly what you were expecting in the cut/color/whatever. I have been going to Nikki ever since she was in school and have also continued to follow her through her journey. I love having her as my stylist because it's like a little party every time. She is extremely friendly and welcoming. I have and will continue to refer her!! :)
Nikki R.