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I am a master level haircolor specialist and former hair color educator. I specialize in everything from corrective haircolor to fantasy haircolor to edgy haircut designs. 

You can book by text or call at 407-910-5505 

You can also book on online after receiving online booking link from me

 Instagram and Facebook @frosthairdesign

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Paige has been cutting and coloring my hair for over a decade, and I cannot recommend her enough. She can get your hair where you want it regardless of age, gender, or your hair’s length. She is exceptionally gifted with vivids, pastels, and blonde. She’s taken my hair to many colors of the rainbow and back to perfect blonde again. Whatever transformation you have in mind, whether subtle or a whole new you, she can take you there.
Selina L.
Growing up with my mom as a cosmetologist, I have always had such a difficult time finding someone I trust with lightening, and FOR SURE cutting(I have my own “lingo” I created with my mom growing up with her cutting my hair). My blonde hair always turns out amazing and healthy, and I always leave happy with my cuts!
Sarah S.
After years of searching and many mediocre haircuts, I finally found someone who truly cares about my hair and has a great eye for what suits me best. Paige has been my hair stylist for over 4 years now. She won’t finish a haircut until everything is perfect according to her high standards. Definitely recommend!
Kile R.
I have had my hair cut and styled by Paige the last few years. It was a blessing finding someone that actually listens and cares! I literally don’t let anyone but her touch my hair! She has a lot of knowledge and experience and I highly recommend her to everyone I know!
Sharon D.
Paige is my go-to for all of my hair needs! Not only does she give great advice, but she will never steer you wrong with picking colors and finding what works best for you!
Megan R.
I love my hair because of Paige. When she started doing my hair it was in trouble. She has gotten the color to where i have always wanted it and it’s in great condition. I have the hair I’ve always wanted thanks to Paige. Barbara
Barbara F.
I've been getting my hair cut by Paige for almost six years now. I haven't wanted anyone else to take on the task. Extremely skilled, detail oriented and passionate about her work. Her color expertise made it seem like a good idea to get my hair dyed for the first time. I'm not even in to that kind of thing but it turned out great!
Charles S.
Paige has been my stylist for going on seven years now, since I moved to the area. I have naturally curly hair that has become more difficult to embrace as I age. She has listened to me and understood my needs. It's really refreshing to find a stylist who helps me achieve the look I want rather than push me in another direction.
Kimberly B.
Paige is amazing with color and gets my hair the perfect shade of blonde that suits me. She is always making sure of the color I want and like. I always get so many compliments on my hair! She also does a great haircut. Paige is my girl, but I’m willing to share her with you
Julie R.
I first saw Paige in May 2021 after a couple of people I know referred her to me. I had a tricky situation with my hair seeing as I wanted to go from black and red box hair dye to blonde so she could add purple to it. My hair is also very dark and dosent lift easy. I was expecting a couple sessions to do this but it amazed me when she got it all done in 1 session! The color came out beautiful and even after coming back 3 months after the color still stayed. She's also so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable and has no problem answering any question. The thing I liked the most is that she didn't try to upsell any products. She knew I was on a budget and only recommended products that I could afford that still did a great job. Plus I was shocked at her prices. She's so affordable for such an amazing job. I'm happy to say that I have found the hairstylist I will be going to from now own and recommend her to everyone I get compliments from!
Asia R.
Paige has transformed my hair from bright purple to silver/blonde. She honestly cares about her client's hair and is upfront and honest if she thinks your hair will be damaged and will go slow so that won't. I've been going to Paige for years and will continue to go to her at her new place. You won't be disappointed!
Elaine L.
Paige is the only person I trust coloring my hair. Although she is 8 hours from my home, I still find it worth it to make the journey! I can rely on her to advise me on what treatments will be the most beneficial for my hair type and healthiest overall so there isn’t breakage/damage.
Lauren F.
Paige is amazing! She had been doing my hair for years now and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and great with color. Every time I get my hair done with her I leave with a great hair cut and beautiful color.
Shelby B.
Hi Paige it kizzy. Paige is awesome hairstylist and a awesome stylist, her work is beautiful
Kizzy G.