I am a graduate of Aveda Institute with over 10 years of experience working with all hair types. What sets me apart is my attention to detail and my commitment to neat and meticulous work. I enjoy building and empowering clients to look and feel good from the inside out. My goal is to help you to become the best version of yourself.

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Pauline installed my sisterlocks in 2105 and has been maintaining them ever since. She is professional, always on time, meticulous and gentle handed. She takes time to listen to my concerns and educates me on how to care for your hair at home. My hair has definitely thrived and flourished under Paulines hands. Nana T.
Nana T.
So let me just say I LOVE this salon! Pauline does me and my daughter's hair and the care and professionalism is outstanding! She always gives tips on how to better manage my hair at home until I see her again. I've been getting my locs done for a while but this week was the first time I got a shampoo... guys.... the spa-like wash is the truth! If you don't go for any thing else just get your hair washed! You won't regret it!
Danyell L.
For years, Pauline has styled my hair. Without question, Pauline leaves me feeling and looking beautiful every time I’m in her chair. Not only does she care about the way a client’s hair looks, but she also focuses on the health of a person’s hair. Through the years, her professionalism and excellent customer service have attracted a large array of clients. She can truly take anyone’s vision and bring the style of their dreams to life. Her work is certainly remarkable!
Ebony Jamela R.
After every appointment with Pauline I leave feeling fabulous!! She always listens to my concerns and desires for my hair unlike others I’ve seen in the past. She never disappoints me!!
Shelia W.
Pauline is simply the best! She really pays attention to detail with my sisterlocks and takes pride in what she does!!!
Jasmine U.
I will only go to Pauline. She educates you on your specific hair type and on best care methods. I enjoy the experience I have every time I see Pauline.
Shannon A.
Three years ago I started my second go round of Sisterlocks and was undewhelmed with the the work of the consultant who installed them. THEN I FOUND PAULINE! Pauline did a wonderful job retightening my hair and making my locs look better, however the initial consultant did not set-up my grid pattern correctly, so it was never quite to my satisfaction. On my appointment days, I would see clients whose locs were installed by Pauline and how full and meticulous they looked, and although she was doing a phenomenal job with my hair, I knew the only way I'd ever have that signature Pauline Walker look was to start over...and that is JUST what I did! In the summer of 2017, I cut off my 2 year old Sisterlocks and started over with Pauline, and WOW...what a difference! Her grid establishment was customized for my hair type and areas that needed more help (fullness) than others. And Oh...please don't get get started on the meticulousness of her work. I wore my hair in teeny weeny starter Bantu Knots for two weeks, just to show off my grid, and trust me I got so many compliments! Since my installation I have ran into several of Paulines clients at supermarkets, and even at a Weight Watchers meeting, and I knew that she was their consultant by the neatness of health of their hair, and when asked who did their locks, the answer was always Pauline. Her work has a signature look...when you see it, you know it and if you don't have it...you want it! I am so pleased with Pauline's wotk that I am getting ready to have her install my daughter's hair this year. So if you have been thinking of installing Sisterlocks...think no longer and look no further. Pauline will not disappoint!
Sandra C.
Pauline a talented loctician, who not only patiently works with me to find appropriate natural styles for my daughter’s hair - but she also works her magic with my sister locs. She has been my stylist for a few years now, and I am never disappointed with her professionalism and quality of work. Michelle V
Michelle V.
For 17 years Mrs. Walker has been doing my hair. she is not only a talented stylist but cares about helping clients get healthy hair. She takes time to educate clients answers all questions and ensures there is a long term plan in place to grow healthy hair. Mrs.Walker is professional and is always on time. She has great customer service and each time I leave not only with a good style but a smile. I highly recommend her all occasions (weddings, parties, funeral, and birthdays).
Anne C.