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After becoming a Licensed Master Cosmetologist in 2021 and opening Iso’s Dream salon in July 2021, Ms. Pier Iso Mason has truly realized a lifelong dream.  Although Pier is self-taught and began doing hair for family and friends at the age of 10, she worked diligently to become a Master Cosmetologist and to develop an expertise in Microlinks, Silk press, Extensions and Wigs.  She also specializes in natural hair care and has launched an exceptional hair oil line and even a superior quality extensions line.  You can expect the very best from her products, and you can be confident that she will continue to expand and enhance the offerings available to clients.

In addition to the cosmetology specialties mentioned, Pier is a great listener and observer.  She responds to the needs of each client with the care and attention they deserve, providing all phases of service from beginning to end, from wash to styling.  Pier has built her practice on this care and attention motto.  She believes the beauty held by each woman has no limit, so she provides purposed personal service because she values each client, even their time.  Pier also has a talent for glamour and is always ready to assist with make-up recommendations and tutorials.

And it doesn’t stop there!  Pier believes in sharing information about hair care, product options, styles, color treatments, etc.  She believes that educating her clients is just as important as being in the know as a stylist herself.  After all, she can’t be with her clients 24-7, but providing critical information about caring for hair at home will be like she’s there, at least almost.  Again, it’s all about giving each client the care and attention they deserve, as she provides the tools clients need for beautiful healthy hair far beyond the salon appointment!

Call Pier for an appointment and don’t forget to ask about consultations for special events.  Yes, come to Iso’s Dream for the care and attention experience you deserve!

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