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Rhianna Is by far the best brow person EVER!! I have had my farshare of brow experiences in NC and NY and no one comes close to Rhiana! My brows are a nightmare bushy, eyebrow scare, etc and Rhiana makes them look fabulous every time. She is the only person I have let touch my brows for the past 6 years! She is amazing at shaping and keeping your brows natural looking.Not only is she amazing at what she does she is the nicest person you will have ever meet. I don’t know what I would do without her! She is 10/10 for sure!
Ravhel B.
Rhiana has transformed my brows! She’s so insanely talented. She’s reliable and extremely consistent. I trust no one else with my brows!
Chelsea J.
This girl has some serious brow game. I get compliments all the time on how amazing my brows are. She is sweet and professional. She understand my goals for my brows and delivers every time.
Kuki A.
Rihana is the brow queen! I’ve been seeing her for about a year now! She’s gentle and very knowledgeable on sensitive skin. She always adjusts her routine depending on my sensitive skin - hard wax or tweezing when needed. She’s the only person I trust with my brows! Thanks for always doing a bomb job!
AndreAnna H.
I’ve been seeing Rhianna for a few years for brows and make up advice, she has amazing style and talent. Wouldn’t trust anyone else!
Nathalie R.
Rhiana is the brow master! So glad that I found her! She is very knowledgeable at what she does and makes sure to use the technique that is best for your skin. Super friendly, detail oriented and as a bonus, her space is super cute! You will not be disappointed.
Rachel B.
Rhiana is a true artist and lovely person all around. 20 minutes in her chair and you feel leaving beautiful, confident and valued. She’s a real friend. Love her! -Molly
Molly T.
Rhiana is hands down the best in the business. I have always had bushy, thick, Chewbacca style eye brows (yes, for real). I was so frustrated with them so I would just get them waxed down to a thin line. Rhiana saved my brows. She said it would take some time, and it did, but it was so worth it. Even after my brows have grown out, they still look good. Not only did she save my brows, but she also showed me the proper way to fill them in. I used to get the most compliments on my eyes, but not anymore!! My brows are ALWAYS being complimented on. Not only is she the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she is also one of the most talented! Hit her up for your appointment today! I promise, you will leave feeling confident and refreshed!
Lisa T.
Rhiana is THE absolute best!!! I’ve been going to her for almost 10 years now and don’t let anyone else even THINK about touching my brows!! I get compliments on my brows on a regular basis because of her beautiful work. My friends have told me that they’re envious of my brows and I just send them her way! She always know exactly what I want and how I want them to look! I will recommend her till the day I die!
Tanner I.
Rhiana has been my eyebrow’s saving grace and only trusted person to touch my brows for the past 5 years. When I first came to her, my brows were “nail salon” brows. Skinny, un-arched brows with no shape. They were just pure embarrassing and I came to her with no hope that they would ever be what I wanted them to me. She immediately put me in “brow rehab” to start my journey to beautiful brows and within a few months, my eyebrows were everything I always wanted them to be. I get compliments on them everywhere I go and I will never let anyone else touch them again. Rhiana is the sweetest, most reliable, and hardest working person I know. She’s not only my eyebrow lady. She’s a listening ear for all of my problems, she’s a friend that has seen me grow over the years, and she’s there to help me anytime I have a question and need help with anything. She did my prom makeup for all of my high school proms and she is the best at EVERY single service she offers. She makes me feel beautiful and makes me love what I see in the mirror every day. There is no one like her in this world and anyone that gets the chance to have her do their brows, makeup, or any service that she offers will see just what I mean. This lady is the absolute best, please let her work her magic and make you feel as beautiful as she has made me feel.
Kayla S.
For years I did my own brows and ended up accidentally shaving half of one off, Rhiana has been my saving grace now for 7 years. She has transformed them from a thin little line to beautiful well shaped and perfect for my face brows! She is so easy to talk to, and the most hard working and reliable person I know! She is so talented and has amazing artistry techniques. She is the only person who will ever do my brows and makeup again! Thanks girl your the best!!!!
Ashley G.
Rhiana is the your absolute “go to” brow expert. She’s professional and knowledgeable and keeps me looking my best. Moreover, she always runs on time and is accommodating in a pinch. I have been seeing her for years and have not even one complaint about her abilities or service. Top notch!!
Melissa H.
Rhiana is the absolute best! I started going to her for my brows in 2015 and never looked back! She is both professional and super friendly! I get tons of compliments on my eyebrows and definitely recommend her! 10/10 hands down.
Saydy L.
Let me tell you; I miss four months with my “usual” brow girl. Things weren’t looking great. But Rhiana made me feel beyond amazing. She is so incredibly gifted. I have always had a really hard time with breakouts after waxing and tons of redness.... not an issue now! I am hooked! I am so happy to have found one of the sweetest people to make me feel like a million bucks.
Ashley N.
I have been going to Rhiana for my brows for over 9 years. She has always done an amazing and consistent job. Rhiana is professional, on time, and her salon is always spotless and relaxing. I constantly get compliments on my brows, and am always asked who I go to. I give Rhiana a 10/10 and would recommend her to anyone looking to have the best brows possible.
Kate M.
I can't think of a different word to describe Rhiana besides AMAZING. She is so, so good at what she does.. and at making everyone feel comfortable. She is both professional and personable, and has worked wonders for my brows & makeup! I highly recommend her for your beauty needs!!
Amanda G.
Before I was introduced to Rhiana, I was getting an occasional nail salon brow wax and was always so disappointed in the results that I was never consistent. I thought this is just how it is. Nope! Not with Rhiana. She is the brow queen! I always look forward to our appointments. Not only does she do a great brow, she is professional and so personable, it’s like visiting with a sweet friend!! You will not be disappointed! I would travel to Charlotte from Wilmington to get these brows taken care of if I had to!
Jenn J.
I will start off by saying that hands down there is no one like Rhiana. Not even by close comparison. In the past I have struggled with my brows for years and one day stumbled into Ulta beauty in Wilmington to find Rhiana doing brows and thought I would give her a try, now this was 7 years ago.. never have I ever met someone with such incredible talent. I have followed Rhiana through her journey because I could truly not get a better brow stylist. I do not trust anyone else to do my brows so go ahead and do yourself a favor and go to Rhiana. It will change your brow life forever.
Mychaela A.
THE BROW QUEEN! I use to do my own eyebrows and didn’t think it was worth the extra expense to have a professional take care of them. Goodness was I wrong! After many years of over plucking and ruining my brow shape, I went to Rhiana for a complete brow rehab. What a transformation she has worked on my brows!!! I wish I had gone to her sooner! Without a doubt that she is worth every penny and then some! I have been a client for almost 3 years and absolutely recommend her. Rhiana is not only EXTREMELY talented, but also incredibly friendly, warm, and engaging. I cannot recommend her enough for any of your brow and beauty needs!
Joanna B.
Rhiana has a true gift! I have been going to her for over 5 years and I recommend her to all my friends and family! She is professional, friendly and efficient. She shapes your brow to fit your face and also cares about maintaining the healthiest brow. Give her a try you won’t be disappointed. Montrece T.
Montrece T.
Rhiana is the best brow girl around! One day I walked into Ulta to get my brows done, got lucky and met Rhiana, and 8 years later she’s still doing my brows! She has always made me feel comfortable, relaxed and her salon is always spotless. I always feel like a new person when I leave. She has a special way to make you feel beautiful. I wish you the best on you new adventure.
Laura B.
AMAZING brows - she’s been doing mine for 5 years ! Highly recommend !!!
Kara D.
Look no further!!! Charlotte and surrounding areas... you all literally just hit the jackpot! Rhiana is hands down the BEST you will ever find in the industry! She started doing my brows in 2013, and I haven't trusted anyone with them since! Keep in mind this also includes moving across the state (Western NC) in 2017. I never think twice about driving hours to see her or spending the money to do so! Her services are every penny, every single time! Also, as many of her testimonials have already stated, she is one of the sweetest people I know! Rhiana genuinely loves what she does and HUGE bonus... she just so happens to be insanely good at it! Do yourself a favor & book your first appointment! Because after not only will you have found your forever brow girl, you will also leave with a smile from ear to ear! Guaranteed!
Jordan H.
I struggled for years to find someone to do my eyebrows. I was beyond terrified of anyone just thinning my eyebrows down to a stick. Gave up, I asked Facebook for help on anyone who could do my eyebrows but not thin them out. Had a few close friends mention Rhiana. Messaged her and the rest is history! I think it’s been almost 4 years and I do not trust anyone else to do my eyebrows! She also does my makeup every year for my company holiday party! If I had to I would travel up to Charlotte every month for her to do my brows.
Ali M.