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Hello I'm Rich Keeley,  I'm a dual licensed barber/cosmetologist. I'm an educator for the Reuzel product line.I specialize in all things barbering, from classic cuts to  modern and precision cutting .  I also have a lot of training in women's cuts as well. In this industry I'm always striving to accomplish more behind the chair. I had the privilege of being an instructor in a barbering and cosmo school and have a true passion for the industry. As a barber, I'm always looking to better my craft by taking classes from those who led in the industry of men's grooming.  If you want a detailed haircut by someone who truly enjoys the art of barbering look no further. My haircuts include wash, style, relaxing steam towel, and hot lather neck shave.  Each guest will receive complimentary Beverages from sodas to craft beer to bourbon. I love my craft and I'm here to help you unwind relax and enjoy an amazing experience .

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                      Early Morning or late night cuts available at special pricing

                                      call for more details and pricing  

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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Terrific haircuts. Great guy. I've never left his chair disappointed.
Joe H.
Terrific haircuts. Great guy. I've never left his chair disappointed.
Joe H.
Rich cut both of my boys hair and I love it every time! We won't go anywhere else!
Sunday S.
I've been going to Rich to get my haIr cut for over 4 years now, and always walk out with a great cut. My hair is thick and wavy, but Rich is always able to cut it just right, so I can style it the way I want. On top of the great cuts, Rich is just an overall great guy, and I recommend him to anyone.
Jared C.
I have been with rich for a few years now and he is the best ! After my first haircut from him, I swore I looked just like Tom Brady.
Patrick R.
For a few years I bounced around different barbershops, then I met Rich and have been with him for a couple years now, best haircut experience I’ve ever had. I recommend him to all of my friends and I now consider him one of my friends. Great barber and better person. Thank you Rich!
Brady C.
I’ve been with rich for haircuts for awhile now and I can honestly say that I have never been satisfied with any haircut until I found rich he is the barbering master and nails it every time whether I’m looking for dramatic or basic changes rich is the way to go!!! Highly recommend
Jayce R.
Rich has been cutting my hair for over a year now and I can honestly say I leave his chair with more confidence than when I go in. He's dedicated to his craft and it shows. Now, you have to understand, it's difficult for any barber/stylist to work with me as I'm never truly sure which direction I want to go as far as my hairstyle is concerned. Throw in two major cowlicks that make my hair more unruly than a 16 year old goth girl and you have a very difficult client. Even with my troublesome hair styling commitment issues, rich didn't flinch. He even helped me realize that for years I'd been trying to force my hair in the wrong direction (left to right) and with one simple swoop of his comb? Boom! He fixed it (right to left) by simply combing my hair in it's natural direction. More important than my hair finally laying down in the back, was the realization that rich is fully willing to offer honest advice as a professional and not always just go through the motions. If he believes something could work better for you (whether it be a new style or even a specific product) he'll offer his (valued) opinion. When I first started going to Rich, he worked at 'the Men's Department' in Largo which is right down the street. He'll now be in Tampa at his own shop and even though it's farther away, I won't be going anywhere else. You'd be smart to do the same.
Brian C.
Rich is extremely knowledgeable. Never had a bad haircut with him. He also trims and lines the beard with precision. He’s personable, always willing to listen to you and understand what you want. Definitely recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a quality and consistent haircut. Truly exceptional service!!
Ricky K.
Rich is a terrific barber!!! He is personable and excellent in cutting hair. if I had to sum him up in a word - Perfectionist!
Mark S.