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My Approach

I like to think of myself as an approachable guy with a realistic attitude about what salon life is really about. I like a good vibe in my space….whether at work, home, or out and about in the world. I don’t risk the health of my guests hair, and I want people to feel comfortable asking questions and learning, cuz believe me…..I’m learning a lot from you at the same time! The day I stop learning is the day I need to retire from the beauty industry. I love the fact that we are one of the few industries that are literally licensed to touch people. That’s such a powerful thing….to be able to touch people, and show them beauty they may have never seen before. Most days, I’m gobsmacked by how lucky I am to be in this industry. Some days, I’m just real glad there’s coffee in this world….but hey….I’m human.

My Story

I attended two cosmetology schools….Pivot Point (Schaumburg, IL) and Graham Webb International Academy (Arlington, VA). I graduated in 2001. I worked in a small chain salon for a year, but quickly realized that I was going to need a bit more advanced education if I wanted to excel. I was recruited by Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon & Spa (Arlington, VA) to be a chemical specialist, and eventually ended up as that locations Color Educator and Hair Department Manager. Since then, I’ve continued growing, learning, moving and shaking.  I’m currently in Marietta, GA (right outside Atlanta), where I own a loft salon called Robert Buck Hair.

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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Robb is nothing short of a hair genius. I have been a client for more than a decade and consider him not only the most gifted hair stylist I know, but one of the finest people I know. He is kind, compassionate and genuinely listens. Combine that level of talent with true understanding, and you have a hair stylist that delivers not only an epic cut/color, but a wonderful experience every time you visit the salon. I will be a lifetime client!
Michelle J.
I have been going to Robb for many years. He has given consistently awesome haircuts, along with great conversations and laughs. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
Rennie N.
Rob has been cutting/coloring my hair for about 9 years. He is absolutely the best!! He really listens and knows my hair. The highlights always look so natural. He is just a genius with color. I highly recommend him. The best part is that he is also a good friend!
Karen H.
I have had the good fortune of being a client of Robb's for several years. He's a wonderful person. He's ,also, a very talented hairstylist!!! I continuously receive compliments on my hair and color! Robb keeps up with the trends and lastest products! He's consistently always in the know! I can't wait for my next appointment to share time with this special man and enjoy the magic he creates through his work! It's always a treat! ❤️
Paula C.
It's not easy to find a stylist that can accommodate me and my kiddo, and make us both feel unique and happy. My kiddo wants blue/purple streaked hair, while I work in a professional services job, and need a clean, sharp cut, but am not ready to admit my age and still want something relevant! Rob handles each of our needs in a superb way. His manner is warm and friendly, and he really listens to what we want. His skills and knowledge are exceptional, and he is candid about what works and what doesn't. When I walk out, I feel 10 years younger (even if my knees still hurt)!
Rick B.
I have been going to Robb for over 10 years! I have curly hair and before going to him I never liked my haircuts. His color skills are amazing. He cuts my whole family’s hair and three of them are picky teenage girls. His eye for detail,technique and making the customer happy is why I love him.
Christina H.
Robb is fantastic. When I first discovered Robb, my hair was an over-processed mess.. I had been to several different stylists after moving to Georgia and was very frustrated with the results. He brought my over-processed hair back to normal hair in no time. He is a great listener and understands how I want my hair to look. I get compliments about my hair all the time, and I love the color. Robb makes getting my hair colored and cut a fun experience. He is easy to talk to and be around. Robb has years of experience and has a great talent for style amd color. I highly recommend him for all your hair care needs.
Becky H.
Robb is a genius when it comes to hair. My color is always what I want and he listens to my wants and concerns about my hair cut. I get a lot of compliments on my hair thanks to Robb!
Susan M.
Robb is awesome! I don't go to anyone else for a haircut, even when I'm away at school for months at a time. As someone who isn't very knowledgeable about haircare and styling, I appreciate the informative responses he gives me when I ask about what various products do or how I can achieve a certain look.
Megan J.
Robb has been working wonders with my hair since I moved to Atlanta 10 years ago. He always makes my hair look fantastic... despite too much time on airplanes, a hectic lifestyle, and no time for a complicated style. And as I started to get streaks of grey... he solved that problem with gorgeous highlights that look incredibly natural! I always get compliments on how glossy my hair looks and great swing & body (I have super straight hair, but he works magic with the cut). He listens to me, and then we strategize on what to do with my hair -- a nice balance of collaboration, and I love his innovative ideas. He definitely brings the science of hair to the equation, and I love the nerdiness of that. Robb also does a great job with my 15 year old daughter, and she loves him. She has long, curly hair -- and added stress of being a dancer & related buns, french twists, etc -- through face framing layers and recommendations on products, the style is perfect for her busy life and looks fantastic, either when she does the 'wash & go' or styles it -- straight or curly. Really amazing that he's able to satisfy a teenager! Love Robb & so glad he is part of our lives. It's also a great experience, he even made me herbal tea when I came in with the remnants of a cold. Excellent experience every time! Teresa P.
Teresa P.
I’ve been a client of Robb’s since before I can remember. There’s a reason for that. He’s extremely professional, keeps on top of what’s new, suggests changes to my specific issues and is very fun to chat with of course. I get instant compliments on my color and some friends that have requested his name.
Cindy V.
I used to be the type of person who bounced around from stylist to stylist every couple of years. But since I started going to Rob (about 7 years ago) my bouncing stopped. Rob really took the time to get to know me and to ask questions about my lifestyle ... to see how much time I really had to spend styling my own hair. If I'm coming for a haircut, he's always very patient and I never feel rushed explaining to him how I'd like my hair cut. If I'm not sure how I want my hair cut, Rob is happy to make suggestions that will work for my particular hair as well as for my lifestyle. His haircuts are so nice that even if I wait a bit too long in between cuts, my hair still looks great. I was very nervous about having highlights done for the first time. I wanted to cover up some of the gray hair that was emerging but not look like I colored my hair. Once again, Rob to the rescue. My highlights look very natural, just the way my hair looked before the gray started to appear. His workspace is always clean and organized and I feel completely relaxed while I'm there. Most importantly, Rob is just a really nice human being!
Kathleen B.
I found Robb ten years ago when I moved to Atlanta. He was recommended to me because of all his experience with coloring hair. It is always hard to find someone you trust to cut and color your hair when you move to a new place. I have been going to him ever since. Robb takes the time to really listen to what you want and then gives great feedback and suggestions on what will work best for you and your hair.
Kim C.
I started going to Robert last year for my cut and color after he came highly recommended by one of my friends. I have been to many hair stylists in my lifetime and Robert is one of the best. He is extremely knowledgeable about hair color and care and I am constantly impressed by the lengths he goes to in order to keeep himself educated on the next best thing. I feel like my hair color has never looked better and I owe all of that to Robert and his incredible insight, attention to detail, knowledge, and experience. I would definitely recommend Robert for anyone looking for a top-notch stylist who truly loves what he does.
Caroline S.
I’ve been a client with Robb for so long, we’re friends now! He is creative with cuts and color plus willing to listen to any crazy idea that I have and explain patiently what might be a better outcome! Robb’s clients are always his first concern and it shows! Gail Parker, Marietta
Gail P.
Ever since I started going to Robb for my hair, I’ve gotten constant compliments on my hair- even after workouts! It’s to the point that I carry a stack of his cards in my wallet bc so many people ask me about my hair now. I always look forward to my days in his salon bc he always listens and makes my hair look amazing!
Heather L.
I have used Robb several years now. He listens well and always willing to give feedback if he thinks you may want something that really won’t work. I have never been disappointed!
Angel D.
I've been seeing Robb for over 10 years now and love him. He works magic with my very fine hair with every cut, and I always love my color. He understands what works best for my hair, and as a result, he always gives honest feedback and great suggestions that fit my lifestyle (and my personal styling skill level!) whenever I'm up for trying something new. Beyond his skill, the time I sit in his chair is always fun and Robb goes out of his way to meet whatever my need might be that day, whether it's chatting about life or just having some quiet time. I'd recommend Robb to anyone looking for a great stylist!
Sarah R.
I have gone to Robb for years. He was brave enough to take on my curly hair, and I haven't trusted anyone else with it since. I love him because he listens to what I want, but will also suggest things that would never have crossed my mind as a possibility. This has opened up a whole new world to me and has made me be more adventurous with my hair. He is extremely professional and will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with the finished product. He is the king of hair color and if I am ever feeling bored with it, he always has a plan. Most recently, he noticed my frustration with my frizz and curls and suggested a straightening treatment. I really didn't know what to expect, but it has been a really good decision. I told him the other day that "I feel like I have been freed from a prison that has had my face locked up for years". I consider this to be his superpower..........releasing us all from our insecurities and discomforts and making us into the best that we can be. Go see him. You won't be disappointed.
Lisa W.
I have been going to Robb for years now. He has gives great hair advice and always makes sure my haircut is right for me. I would recommend him to anyone. -David Llewellyn
David L.
I've been a client of Robb's for five years. I take my stylist relationships very seriously. He is, hands down, the most consultative hair stylist I've ever had. He is able to take my cryptic statements of 'I'm bored. I need a change.' or 'I don't like this grow out stage' and ask the RIGHT probing questions to understand what I need short term while still meeting my long term goals. He's been with me through my bobs, pixies and back to the bob. He's also honest and explains why a particular style will or won't work for my hair type or face. And if you are looking for amazing, vibrant hair color with depth, you have found the stylist who does it best.
Michaela M.
I have been going to Robert Buck for color/cut for over 5 years and couldn't be happier with the services that he provides. I lovingly refer to him as "Dr. Hair " to friends and co-workers because he really is able to remedy my hair ills. My hair health has dramatically improved since I have been a client. He listens and is very intuitive. Super pleased to be an ongoing client and look forward to many more years in his chair. Thanks Dr. Hair!!
Lisa S.
Rob was recommended to me by a friend when I moved to Marietta. I have been very happy with my hair. He is great with color and keeping me on trend whithout pushing me into something too crazy. I always love my cut. Rob is a great guy, easy to talk to and very informed. He stays current and dedicated to my personal style. Talented!!!!! Gabriele P
Gabriele P.
We adore Robert! Great with color, great with women’s cuts and really super with young men’s cuts. Always fresh and expertly executed. Robert is also very pleasant to chat with and is totally professional. Don’t hesitate to book with Robert!
Nanette A.
Robb is hands down the best! He does an amazing job with my color and cut EVERY time. He listens intently to what I want and is honest about if he thinks it will look good. He is a wonderful person-honest, caring, and easy to talk to. I have been going to Robb for almost 10 years and I can't imagine ever going anywhere else! If you are new to the area or have lived in the area and are looking for a change, I highly recommend giving Robb a try, you won't be disappointed!
Kathy D.
Robb is awesome! I have been going to him for years and years! I have to say going to an appointment with Robb is such a treat! I look forward to the peace and quiet, the chance to be pampered and wind down all while getting my hair done! When I first moved here I went to the larger salons in East Cobb and I was just a number, it was noisy, people in and out.....then I met Robb and I never looked back! Thanks Robb for giving me amazing cuts and color! You are the best!
Jodie H.
Rob has changed the way I think about my hair. I used to be ok if it just wasn't "too shaggy". Since I've been going to Rob, I get compliments from my friends and spend very little styling it in the morning. He makes looking good easy.
W G.
Robb has been doing my hair for over 13 years. From long to short, curly to straight, and even that time I wanted highlights, Robb has always given me the perfect style. He now does my daughter’s hair, too. She want from flat hair, to hair full of body that shows off her beautiful face. He has even fixed the teeen girl oily hair problem.
Julie K.