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 24yrs. Licensed Cosmetologist/Master Hair Stylist



VOTED "1 OF THE BEST" (BestofBlackCincinnati) 




MISSION: To enhance the self image of individuals      through the nurturing of healthy hair & scalp.


I strongly believe when you have a God-given gift or talent & you are operating in that gift, God will give you insight to take it to the next level. The ability to visualize & create in such a way that it has only "your signature" on it. Hair care is my gift. Only through nourishment of the scalp will it cultivate beautiful, healthy hair. Never think too much damage has been done, it will never grow or that there is no hope for your hair because there is! Trust me...CONSISTENCY WILL BRING CHANGE! I look forward to helping you make the change you want & deserve! Make your appointment TODAY!! 

 **CANCELLATION POLICY** $25 fee assessed for appointments that are not canceled 24hrs or more in advance. 


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Sabrina is the best hairstylist I have ever known. I was seeing another hair stylist weekly when I came to Sabrina and I had all but lost hope. I was going bald in the top of my head and my hair was breaking off on the ends from severe overprocessing, color and other heat induced damage. Sabrina analyzed my hair, and literally implemented a hair care strategy to nurse my hair back to health. At first I was a skeptic but I quickly became a believer when my hair began to fill in. That was more than 5 yrs I am happy to report that my hair is full, healthy, and several inches longer than it was in my youth. My family and friends are all shocked when they get up close and realize I am no longer wearing weave and wigs but struting my natural tresses. Thank you Sabrina for sharing your gift of caring for hair with me. I ( and especially my husband) look forward to experiencing your hair creations weekly. You are "The Hair Whisperer"!
Julia M.
I called Sabrina in a panic. I am natural and I went had an hairstylist cut my hair into a tapered cut. How unsuccessful was this cut. I was scared so I flat ironed my hair and OMGOSH! I made things worse. However, Sabrina saved the day, she did an emergency consultation and got me in the next day. Reshaped my hair, deep conditioned it and gave me my confidence back! Thanks Sabrina you are a blessing to stand in your gift! Many blessings!!!
Wende P.
"It took me years to find a stylist that I felt comfortable with and could trust. Ever since my first haircut (in 1998) I had with Sabrina, I always leave much happier and feeling so great. Everytime, I walk in, Sabrina knows exactly what to do. I no longer have to spend time looking for the hairstyle I want and praying who's cutting my hair will do it right. I trust Sabrina to know what color to use on my hair, what new change I could use when I don't even know. She took the time to learn my hair so that it stays healthy and looks it's best to fit my needs. Sabrina is worth every penny!!!! She is also very friendly and personable. I get my hair and eyebrows done on a weekly basis and every visit is with someone I consider a family member!" - Shawn Crosby
Shawn C.
Sabrina has been really good to me and my hair. Sabrina has been my hair stylist for 12 years and each year has been a blessing. When it comes to the health and care of your hair you want someone who is going to care just as much as you do. I know that every time I sit in Sabrina's chair my hair will get the BEST care and be styled the way I requested. When it comes to my hair, I just don't trust it to anyone. It's hard to find someone who you can go to and is going to be honest with you about color, chemical processes, hair trimming, etc. I believe that when you do find that person with whom you trust with your hair you build a bond and a friendship because both of you care about your hair. It is a rarity to find someone as precious and talented as Sabrina to care for your hair , she has a real passion for hair care and it shows in each of her satisfied clients!!!!!! Kerima
Kerima R.
Yesssss the best Stylest. Can do anything you ask. She works with you if you need to get in at a different time then your appointment Great conversation while you are there. Make you feel better when you leave. Very sweet spirit. #BESTSTYLESTEVER❤️ JACKY B.
Jacky B.