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I have been in the beauty industry for over 18 years.  I am a color specialist and have received formal training for Keratin Treatments and alternative styling.  My design style is classic meets contemporary. 

I am a very artisic and creative person. Styling your hair provides a perfect outlet for me to express those areas.


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Dear Shawn, Just want to thank you again for my hair cut and your generosity. I know I hit a soft spot with you and probably brought back some unhappy memories. I strive to be positive and hopefully that will see me thru this. I've I remain in the area I will be in contact. Love, Mary Potensky
Mary P.
Shawna has cut and styled my hair for years. When my seven year old daughter wanted the style of short in back and longer in front. I knew the only hair stylist I trusted with this style would be Shawna! She wore the style for over a year and had gotten so many compliments on the style and cut! I knew with the type of style she wanted I was not taken her to anyone else.
Shonda R.
Shawna has been cutting my hair and my daughters for the past couple of years. We will follow her no matter where she goes. She always knows what you want even when you dont!!! She is a hair Goddess! Sharon and Rachel
Sharon G.
I have been going to Shawna for almost 12 years! I can't believe she has put up with me for that long. She does an awesome job. I get many compliments on my hair and have sent her several referrals. GREAT WITH COLOR! (and will be honest if she thinks something doesn't work for you) Love her!
Sara S.
Shawna has been nothing but professional. She always makes sure each time she does your hair is always her best. It took a me a year to find someone that actually cared each time you go in for a service. NOT just the first couple visits. Shawna has a special talent and is always making sure she takes good care of you and makes sure your cut and color will last. She also makes sure you leave with a style that suits you. I am so glad to have found someone that actually gets your hair right and it looks good every time. I love the compliments all the time on the color and style. I would recommend her to all. Everyone deserves quality time, great style and color. Oh yes and the right shampoo to take home for your look. I always look forward to each visit. Thank you Shawna for the years of making me feel special and looking good:) -Tracy E.
Tracy E.
Shawna is an amazing hair designer and stylist! I've known Shawna for over 10 years and had the opportunity to experience Shawna's talents myself when my life long stylist, Jessie, was on her maternity leave recently. I'm VERY particular of who touches and works with my hair. Jessie assured me that Shawna would be the best in taking care of me in her absense and Shawna did! Shawna was so awesome in working with me on not only my cut and style but also color. She picked up exactly where Jessie left off and I completely trusted.her experience and confidence. Shawna and Jessie work well in covering for one another and have very similar professional styles. I'm grateful to have both of these talented women in my life and highly recommend each of them for their services and professionalism.
Kimberly P.
Shawna has been my stylist for over seven years. She has always done a great job with a cute smile and fast wit! I highly recommend her for any guy out there who wants to have their hair cut right, not just quick and cheap! Todd
Todd K.
Shawna is a fantastic stylist! Every time she does my hair I get compliments my color, highlights and cut. She always knows just what I want even if I don't and every time it comes out perfect.
Andrea B.
Shawna is awesome!! I'm always happy with how my hair looks and she listens to how I want the cut to be styled.
Liz W.
Shawna is a great hair dresser. Knows what I want without telling her will only go to her or Jessica the best girls and friends.
Michelle H.
The day my friend gave me Shawna's name to call for a color was a gift to me. Shawna is such a caring, gifted stylist. She is a wonderful listener who can really apply the things she hears to her cut and color techniques. I am very happy with my style and always love my time with her when in the chair! Thanks Shawna!
Jenny S.
I've been very impressed with the experience and knowledge that she's used to take my haircuts from 80-90% accurate to 100% accurate. She's passionate about getting feedback and making sure I walk away loving my haircut. She's worth every penny!
Chad P.
I went from having very long hair to letting Shawna cut it short. What a great difference! Shawna is the best for color and cutting.
Kathy K.
A true testament to how great your stylist is, is the number of people (men and women) who tell you what fabulous hair you have. That happens to me all the time! Shawna is a true hair artist because she gets to know your hair and what it's capable of doing and then creates a style for you that compliments your hair type and your face (and personality) the best. She has also become a friend I look forward to catching up with every time I have my hair cut. Love Shawna!
Jennifer P.
Today I was late for my appt and she was still as sweet as ever; took her time and did a fantastic cut for my daughter and I. A friend told me about her and my daughter just loves the razor cut. We will be comin back for a while. <3 Thanks Shawna!!
Lorretta K.
I personally think that you could not find anyone better than Shawna!
Martha D.
Nobody can color and style hair like Shawna. Since moving to Dallas two years ago, I've been searching for someone to fill her shoes...and there's no comparrison! She's simply the best at what she does. Even now, when I visit Ohio, I make the time to go see Shawna. shawn a also styled my hair on my wedding day (for my entire wedding party too). She did everything I asked her to do, while also bringing her own expertise and style to create the perfect look. Shawna is professional, efficient and talented. I highly recommend her for all of your color and styling needs! - Jane H.
Jane H.
Shawna, I just love my hair!! I have had so many compliments!! I have been frosting/having it frosted since I was 17 and I am wayyyyyyyy older than that now. This is, by far, the best my hair has ever looked!!! Thank you again. I will highly recommend you and the salon to everyone! Thanks again, Penny
Penny P.
I have known Shawna for about three years and when I went to Shawna on my wedding day and she did a fantastic job! As soon as I sat down in her chair a great sense of relief washed over me because she knew exactly what I wanted and gave suggestions to improve the style. Shawna is an amazing, creative stylist- not only with formal styles, but cut and color too! I highly recommend Shawna to anyone and everyone who is looking for a new stylist!
Emily O.
Shawna started cutting my hair when I was in high school over ten years ago. When I left for college, I could never find someone as good as her and would end up making appointments with Shawna whenever I could make a trip back to town. Last year when I was ready to donate over 12 inches of my hair, she was the only stylist I trusted to cut it!
Jaclyn L.
What can you say about Shawna? She is sweet, intelligent, patient, and listens to the client's wishes and questions... LOVE her. A great hairstylist, and so much more!
Harriet B.
I have been a customer of Shawna's for many years. She has an eye for what works for my hair and features. She is a true artist and has incredible technical skills. Her color is second to none and she gives a consistently wonderful haircut. In all these years, I have never been disappointed.
Carrie C.