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Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Sheri is beyond amazing! Her work is meticulous and perfect! Sheri has been doing my brows (not an easy task) for over four years. You know her work is outstanding when make-up pros and other stylists remark about how my brows are perfect. I am quick to let these pros know I never touch my own brows. In addition to Sheri's work product being always perfect, Sheri herself is a delight. It is always a joy to spend time in Sheri's chair. Look no further. Sheri is the best of the best! Phyllis H.
Phyllis H.
Sheri is wonderful! When I leave her, my brows feel like a work of art. She’s very attentive to keeping my brows healthy and her work is so good, it does not require frequent follow-up appointments!
Elizabeth T.
Sheri is truly a master of her art! She has worked magic on my eyebrows. I once believed my eyebrows were beyond saving from overplucking and years of going to the wrong places but Sheri, I don't know how, brought them back to life. Her precision and meticulousness is unbelievable, I will never go to anyone else for my eyebrows. If you have eyebrows, or don't, just go to her! You should've been seeing her like yesterday!
Jodie D.
Simply put, Sheri is the best! I always leave with perfectly symmetrical, arched and dyed brows! Her style is very natural and she has a great eye. I Sheri will check in with you throughout the process and ask if you want certain hairs removed before she pulls them which I particularly appreciate. If you love your brows, go see Sheri. You'll leave looking like yourself - just elevated :)
Kathleen O.
I began seeing Sheri 12 years ago and now only go to her for my brow tint/shape. She is hands down the best and I’ve tried others only to return. She is precise about shaping and that is what is needed when it comes to how you present your face to the world.
Anna A.
I have been a client of Sheri’s for over 10 years and I don’t trust anyone else with my brows! She is a perfectionist in the best way and always does an amazing job. Long gone are my skinny mismatched brows-they are now full and symmetrical!
Tiffany H.
sheri is the absolute best. she takes such pride in her work and the end result is always the perfect brow. i can't recommend her enough! and as an added bonus: her new space in the west loop's salon lofts is so gorgeous and chic.
Kara K.
Sheri is an angel sent from above! When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017, knowing that I would lose my brows and eyelashes, Sheri took the time to give me a make-up tutorial so that I continue on with my normal routine. I am happy to be her client, but moreover she is a friend. She is the best in the business and don't you deserve the best? Let Sheri bring out your natural beauty.
Katie T.
I’ve been going to Sheri for a few years now (which I can’t believe how fast time flies!) and my experience is always perfection! She is very meticulous with my brows which I love. I know when I go to Sheri my eyebrows are going to be on point and she’s going to take the time to make sure they are perfect. I always love talking with Sheri too, she’s so insightful. She’s the best!
Jenna J.
Sheri has been shaping my brows for almost 10 years now. I have such confidence in her skills, and she’s such a kind and caring individual. She did an amazing job on my makeup for my wedding. She gave me such a natural look and I couldn’t have asked for more!
Erin H.
If you don’t understand the importance of a well-shaped brow then you need to go see Sheri! She has been working magic on my brows for 5+ years. I’ve followed her to 3 different locations because I wouldn’t trust anyone to reshape my very bushy brows. She is the consummate professional, incredibly genuine and so easy to talk to. Her new new space is gorgeous- clean and minimal. Do your brows a favor and schedule an appointment with her right now!! Lisa T
Lisa T.
Sheri is an artist! I’ve had the pleasure of letting Sheri sculpt my brows for more than 6 years. I’ve moved with her along her career - from salon to salon to salon - b/c in the end, there’s nobody else I want touching my brows! She’s worth the $$, she’s good people, and I highly recommend her.
Lauren S.
I’ve been a client of Sheri’s for around four years. I was your classic case of overplucked brows. After I promised to put down the tweezers, Sheri worked her magic and took my brows from bare bones to full and beautiful. The way they now frame my face is unbelievable. She uses a very natural approach, so I never feel like I leave there looking overdone. Sheri has a true gift and I can't recommend her highly enough (I’ve already brought several of my friends to her) and I’m thankful for the friendship we’ve formed over the years.
Lori G.
I have never been a person that paid as much attention to my brows as I could have. Now I know the difference between good and great. Sherri takes pride in her work and is so detailed and focused that my brows have never looked so terrific. I feel so lucky to have found Sherri and she has a customer for life!
Sarita B.
I’ve been seeing Sheri for my brows for a few years now, and I’m amazed at the life that she’s brought back to them! Her care and attention to detail are incredible, and I actually find it relaxing to get my brows sculpted. I’m getting married this spring, and the first thing I booked was makeup with a Sheri for the big day. She is the embodiment of attention to detail.
Tracy B.
I have been seeing Sheri for 3+ years for brow shaping and tint. She does excellent work! I have fair skin and light hair, Sheri has created the best tint color for me. I truly appreciate her attention to detail! She also did my wedding makeup! It was absolutely perfect and she was a joy to work with on my big day!
Samantha K.
Sheri is a master of her craft. She celebrates the natural face, shaping your brows the way they should be and in no way overdone. She takes the time to listen and answer questions, or offer beauty tips. I went in five years ago with super thin brows, and over time Sheri has helped to create a more natural "real" face. The new location is easy to get to and park, which is a huge plus. I walk in sometimes feeling rushed or anxious from the day, but always leave feeling like I just had a good talk with a friend. Sheri has created a calming and comfortable space to help you achieve your best you!
Allison K.
Sheri has transformed my eyebrows and I love them now! Thank you for everything!
Amisha R.
Sheri is awesome! I’m just two sessions my eyebrows look better than they have in years. I highly recommend her. She is truly a wonderful artist.
Neha P.
Sheri is awesome! I’m just two sessions my eyebrows look better than they have in years. I highly recommend her. She is truly a wonderful artist.
Neha P.
I’ve been getting my brows done by Sheri for a few years and she is the absolute best. I wish I had seen her sooner! I adore her and her attention to detail is great. Scheduling at her new West Loop location is super easy and efficient too!
Sarah G.
Sheri is not only the best at her craft, she also is kind-spirited, professional and passionate about the work she does. Sheri completely transformed my eyebrows 6 years ago and I will never go to anyone else. I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time because of how beautiful and perfect she makes them look. She is one of a kind! Love you Sheri! ❤️
Karen M.
I have been seeing Sheri for a few years now for brow sculpting and she is the best! I have naturally uneven brows and Sheri has worked with them slowly over time to achieve an even look. Sheri also did a makeup consult with me before my destination wedding and helped me plan out a natural makeup look I could do myself. It worked out perfectly and I still use what she taught me for photo shoots. I highly recommend Sheri! She is awesome!
Stacey H.
Learned my lesson - it just doesn't get better! I've been getting brows and makeup done by Sheri for at least 10 years now. Event make up is top notch. Sheri did my wedding day makeup, and I've never looked more beautiful. I had trouble getting to her due to job changes, so I went elsewhere out of convenience. Lesson learned and won't be doing it again anytime soon! Sheri doesn't miss a single hair (haha), and believe me I check. You will not be disappointed!
Julia G.
Sheri did my beautiful wedding makeup in 2010 and I have been going to her for my brows ever since! I moved from the city to the suburbs in 2014 and I drive 70 miles round trip (without hesitation) to see Sheri because no one does a better job. She is so knowledable about her craft and it shows in the results. She is truly an amazing person who goes above and beyond for her clients, and it is clear as to why she has such a strong and loyal base.
Rena S.
Sheri is the best! I was lucky enough to find Sheri five years ago at my old salon and she has completely transformed my brows. She really has an eye for sculpting a natural, flattering brow shape. Over time my sad skinny brows have grown into beautiful, full ones and look great!
Stephanie O.
I have been going to Sheri for many years now for brow waxing and makeup - and she is amazing! She is an artist and pays great attention to detail. She is meticulous about every hair or brush stroke. She has a very relaxed, zen energy and I always feel calmer and taken care of after seeing her.
Christie D.
Sheri is an artist with an impeccable attention to detail. She has a clear vision, and can immediately create a plan to transform your eyebrows completely. I thought there was no saving my 90s over-plucked Gwen Stefani brows, but Sheri has proven me wrong! Now they are truly growing in and taking on a natural, full shape. After much regrowth progress on my second visit, she filled in my brows and I was shocked that they could look THAT good (and I'm almost 40). She has a passion and a true talent for what she does. Plus, she's super sweet and the appointment is always fun!
Saskia G.
I have been going to Sheri for years now and would not trust my brows to anyone else! From wedding makeup to waxing, she has done it all for me. Sheri has such a fine-tuned eye for aesthetics I always leave looking amazing.
Laura O.
Extremely professional and talented. I’d recommend Sheri to anyone, male or female for the best grooming, esthetics and self care possible. Top notch.
Brandon M.
I stumbled upon Sheri as I recently moved to the area and needed a new eyebrow specialist. And she did not dissapoint. She is absolutely amazing! Sheri takes the time to discuss long term goals to create the perfect brow. She takes her time, is super percise with her work, and just a pleasant person to be around. Would recommend Sheri to anyone and everyone! -Gabriele
Gabriele S.
Sheri is my go-to for perfectly symmetrical eye brow shaping! She is meticulous about her craft, which I love, and that is one of the key reasons why I have been a loyal client for over 10 years. Of course, I enjoy our conversations too. Sheri has followed her heart and moved locations several times, and I didn't hesitate to go wherever she went next. I do love her current location in the West Loop. Such a nice, brightly lit space.
Lauren F.
Sheri has been shaping my brows for at least 10 years now. Ive not let anyone else touch them since she started working with me! She is a lovely person with tremendous talent and style, and her skills as a makeup artist are unmatched.
Rohanna M.
Sheri is the best! She is the brow QUEEN! I live in Washington DC and when I come to Chicago, I see Sheri every time!
Maureen T.
Sheri is a masterful artist! She sculpts my brows uniquely to compliment the features of my face. She takes her time to make sure everything looks even and perfect just the way I like. Abby C.
Abby C.
Sheri is the ONLY person in Chicago I will let touch my eyebrows. She’s a perfectionist, as am I, and really studies your face to produce your best possible brow. There’s no one else I would go to...plus she’s a lot of fun and makes you feel comfortable! LOVE Sheri!
Jamie J.
I've been going to Sheri for my brows for almost 3 years now, and can't recommend her enough. I remember when I first sat in her chair, she made me feel super comfortable by asking loads of questions and understanding exactly how I want them to look, what my past experiences were like, etc. She also makes sure to explain the whole process of what she will do with the brows, how long the process of shaping them might take if you want to transform them longterm, etc. All I said is that I want Kardashian brows, and Kardashian brows I now have. :) I'm also super appreciative she respects someone wanting a thicker brow, rather than most places that try to wax of everything...
Katarina S.
I've been going to Sheri for my brows for almost 3 years now, and can't recommend her enough. I remember when I first sat in her chair, she made me feel super comfortable by asking loads of questions and understanding exactly how I want them to look, what my past experiences were like, etc. She also makes sure to explain the whole process of what she will do with the brows, how long the process of shaping them might take if you want to transform them longterm, etc. All I said is that I want Kardashian brows, and Kardashian brows I now have. :) I'm also super appreciative she respects someone wanting a thicker brow, rather than most places that try to wax off everything...
Katarina S.
There is no one better than Sheri for brows or makeup. I have been going to Sheri for over 10 years and will follow her anywhere! Her new space is beautiful and calming, which makes an already great experience even better!
Melissa H.
Sheri has been doing my eyebrows for over 2 years. She is very professional and she puts a lot of effort in her work, and it definitely shows. I highly recommend her.
Miruna Z.
I started working with Sheri to shape up my brows and keep them in shape a few years ago. Even though I moved out of Chicago 3 years ago, I’ve made appointments with her because there is no one as awesome as her in my new town! She is patient, meticulous, and very supportive, and I love what she has been able to do with my brows.
Jennifer D.
Sheri is great. I have been going to her on my Eyebrows for years and they look so much better now (regrowing after years of over tweezing). She is great to work with and is very serious about her work.
Olga B.
I started going to Sheri close to 2 years now. I was looking for someone to sculpt my brows in preparation for my wedding. I was not happy with my shape at the time after years of waxing and threading. Sheri was fantastic! She was very thorough and we started the journey of letting my eyebrows grow out. She did minor tweaks each time until they finally looked great very natural. Sheri is super maticulous and has great energy. In addition I also ended up booking her for my makeup for my wedding as well as my bridal party. Happy to have found her.
Yvette S.
If you’re looking for someone who is actually going to spend the time to manicure your eyebrows in a way that is specific to you and that compliments your face, Sheri is your girl. Sheri has taken my brows to a place I never thought possible in the most natural and not over plucked or waxed way. She literally spends 30 minutes on your brows at each appointment perfecting them. She uses various subtle techniques to shape the brow rather than the usual thick swipes of wax and occasional scissor trim that most other people use. My brows were in a scary/bare state when I first went to Sheri. She appropriately set my expectations and developed a plan for us to work on together to ultimately transform my eyebrows. I’ve been going to Sheri for over 3 years now and have never looked back.
Catelyn V.
Sheri is a miracle worker when it comes to brows. I'm sure there are lots of "eyebrows gone bad" stories ... we've all gone "tweeze crazy" once in our life. Mine hadn't grown back with the same shape since high school until Sheri helped me out. I still can't believe how she was able to sculpt them back into beautiful arches. The missing patches even grew back. I really believe it's due to how meticulous she is, really taking an extensive amount of time to make them as perfect as can be, every single appointment. I've been seeing Sheri for over 5 years. She's simply the best in Chicago when it comes to brows. Her professionalism, friendliness and patience is all icing on top. I'll never go to anyone else!
Maria U.
Sherri does the best brows in the city! I had no idea how to care for my brows and she has changed them drastically over the years while educating me on her efforts. On top of this, Sherri is just a joy to spend time with and I enjoy seeing her!
Krista B.
Do you want to look flawless on your wedding day or for that special occasion? Do you want to look as good as a Hollywood star? Get your make-up done by Sheri! She truly is a talented make-up artist!! She knows how to enhance all of your features, but not over do it!! Also, my brows have never looked better! She helped me reshape them after years of too much threading! Go to Sheri, you won't regret it! - Meghan C.
Meghan C.
I Have been getting my brows done through Sheri for 5 years! She is very precise and does not take off too much hair (which is important bc some stylists take off too much hair.) Sheri wants her customers to have a natural look. She is very flexible about rescheduling appointments. I always look forward to my brow appointments and Sheri is very pleasant to be around. Salon Lofts is a beautiful space too!
Kerry C.
Sheri has been cleaning up my eyebrows for several years now - by the way, I am a guy. The idea of someone taking wax and scissors to my brows is scary, because of the potential for things to go wrong, but I haven't had that fear since day 1 with Sheri. She gets my face under control without my eyebrows looking "done". Dudes, if your eyebrows need attention, don't try to do it yourself. Go to Sheri - she gets it.
Eric B.
Sheri is amazing! I have been getting my brows done by her for years and do not trust anyone else to touch them. Her attention to detail is incredible and I leave her chair happy after every appointment! I highly recommend Sheri for perfect brows!
Daniela P.
I have been seeing Sheri for brow sculpting for over 5yrs now. She is amazing, her attention to detail and ability to make your eyes "pop" is all in her work. She saved my brows from being thin and uneven to now having full brows. I have also worked with Sheri for make up for special occasions, girls night out, and weddings, she once again made me feel like a super model. She has a way of not only bringing the best out in you but she is a genuine person that loves what she does. Every time I see her she puts a smile on my face. If you don't think the brows make the face , then you have not had your brows done right.. "every hair counts." Thank you Sheri for years of great service and beauty. I would recommend her for make up and brow services.
Linda C.
Sheri did my makeup for my wedding and has continued to do my brows ever since (that’s 7 years! Wow) She is great at bringing out natural beauty and pays attention to detail. She is also a very calming and relaxing energy which is really nice - especially on a wedding day. She really cares about her clients and takes great pride in her work. She is great at makeup and both wax and threading. She is an expert brow shaper and if you follow her instructions can transform you eye shape through her shaping techniques.
Laura C.
Sheri is amazing! She is helping me reshape my eyebrows from years of being mismatched. I’ve been to her twice and my brows look better than they ever have. No joke! If you’re looking for someone who listens, takes what she does seriously, and does a phenomenal job, then you definitely need to see Sheri.
Amanda B.
I can’t say enough great things about Sheri! I started seeing her three years ago to help me regrow my over plucked brows. It’s a work in progress but she’s made me love my brows again! I wouldn’t see or trust anyone else.
Amy S.
I can’t say enough good things about Sheri. I met her in January 2016 and she completely brought my brows back to life before my wedding. I still go to her for brows even after moving out of the city. She has also done my make up on multiple occasions and it’s flawless every time. I have been to many other places in the past and none have compared to Sheri’s work. Not only is she incredibly talented but a wonderful person to be around. Most clients have been going to her for years and it’s easy to see why. She is hands down the best!
Gina V.
Sheri is amazing! I’ve been going to her for 5-6 years and absolutely love her. I came in with HORRIBLE eyebrows. Thin, shaped wrong and too many years of plucking. Sheri completely revamped my face by helping me grow out and shape them. I swear by her and have referred her to all my friends / family in Chicago area. In fact, my friends who have moved away still come back to see Sheri quarterly (from NYC, Minneapolis etc). While Sheri is phenomenal at eyebrows she also is super talented in makeup. Previous to my wedding this year she had done my makeup several times for different weddings and events. Every time my makeup stayed on all night and looked flawless. This September I hired her to do mine and my bridesmaid’s makeup for my wedding and couldn’t be happier. Brides – stop looking and book Sheri!
Jenna K.
My brows are super, super important to me. I have naturally thick ones, so I am always nervous they might turn out too thin or not right whenever I get waxed. I was frequently going to Benefit and lo and behold, my thick brows were starting to looking thin and off shape. I was in desperate need to find someone to help get my brows back on track. I found Sheri and she has transformed my brows like no other. She consults with you, gives tips on how to grow out problem areas and helps execute your long term brow vision. My brows are looking the best they ever have, I am super pleased. Go to Sheri, you definitely get the best eyebrow experience ever, she's seriously a brow magician and the sweetest!
Andrea A.
I have been a loyal client of Sheri's no matter where she has moved her business in the Chicago area! There are so many things to worry about in life, but my eyebrows is never one of them when I'm sitting in her chair :) Her current West Loop Salon Lofts space is private, yet part of a community, which makes it a perfect experience. 100% recommend to anyone reading this!
Sari F.
I have been going to Sheri for eyebrow sculpting and facial waxing for over 12 years. She is an amazing talent and is a true artist. I highly recommend guys and gals to see Sheri. She is kind and professional!
Shannon D.
Sheri is a true brow artist! The time and care she takes to make sure she is giving you the best shape and fullness is amazing. I just started with Sheri in the last year and already see such a difference can’t wait to see what the future is for my brows! :) -Shefali S.
Shefali S.
I can’t believe it’s been 10 years now since I’ve been going to Sheri for my brows! She is so exact in her work and really knows how to help her clients achieve the best brows. There is no one else I could trust to do my brows because she is simply the best! I recently moved to the suburbs and wouldn’t question coming to the west loop to get my brows done. She did my makeup for my wedding and it looked so beautiful and natural. My friends in my wedding party still talk to this day about how much they loved their makeup done by her- it was the best they’ve had! We got married almost 6 years ago and since then my friends have been in a lot of weddings, so that says a lot! Sheri has become someone I can trust in the industry, her expertise goes far beyond most!
Lindsay A.
Sheri is the best - the only person I trust with my brows. My favorite thing about her is how she tries to enhance the true beauty of my brows and by trying to keep them as full and natural as possible. Look no further for the perfect partner for your brows!
Emily M.
I've been seeing Sheri for 6+ years for brows and makeup and I absolutely love her. I have followed her anywhere she goes. I look forward to our monthly appointments where i not only come out looking so refreshed, but also have the opportunity to catch up with a dear friend. Her work is immaculate and years ago she got my eyebrows in shape again. I won't let another human being touch them. Anytime i see her for makeup for a special event, i walk out feeling absolutely gorgeous. She is a gem!
Lindsay L.
I have been going to Sheri since 2013 for brows and she has been the only one that can create a very natural and fresh look. I will only trust her with my brows. She is so talented and spends a ton of time on you to make sure that they look perfect. It is also really nice to talk to her and catch up. She is very careful to not over wax/pluck brows so that they grow back and is great for someone that needs help in growing their brows back into a more natual shape. I highly recommend her!
Merissa A.
In a word, Sheri is incredible! I’ve had the pleasure of her working her magic on me for the last 7+ years! She is a master of her craft, and really knows what works on her clients. I always look forward to our monthly visits not only for the beautiful and authentic work she does, but also our conversations. She has a wonderful soul
Kara K.
I have been going to Sheri for a few years now, and she has completely transformed the shape of my eyebrows! I get mine shaped and tinted, and they look perfect after every visit with her. I will never let anyone but Sheri touch my brows! :) Sheri also did my wedding make-up in August 2017, along with TEN other girls in my bridal party, and our make-up looked stunning! A friend at my wedding loved the look so much that she used Sheri for her own wedding make-up the next year. I can't recommend anyone more for brows or make-up!
Jennifer L.
I first went to Sheri for brows over 8 years ago and I’ve been seeing her religiously ever since. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and she truly takes the time to get to know her clients. She studies your features and knows what works—I trust her completely. So much that I also had her do my makeup for my wedding (including for my 8 bridesmaids, mother and mother in law—and she even put a touch on my three flower girls for good measure). It was perfect and I have nothing but the best things to say about Sheri. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she’s kind, always accommodating, and just someone you can’t help but genuinely enjoy to be around. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone—she’s honestly the best. -Maribeth H.
Maribeth H.