FYI: These are the mandatory sanitation guidelines to follow that will help keep us all safe.

Wearing masks and gloves while serving clients:

  • Wear a mask and disposable gloves while serving a client or walking in the salon.
  • We recommend cloth masks that are machine washable.  A homemade mask is great, check online for articles and videos on how to make a cloth mask that is machine washable.
  • Plan to wash your masks daily and learn how to wear it safely.
  • Plan to dispose of gloves after each client, a generous supply of gloves is needed.
  • Face shields may be recommended.

 Additional salon operations guidelines:

  • Host only 1 client at a time in your Loft, leave time to clean in between each client.
  • Clients may be seen by appointment only, no walk ins.
  • Advise clients to reschedule if they are experiencing any illness or elevated fever.
  • Clients and Loft Owners are not permitted to sit in common areas in the salon.
  • Have your clients wait in their car until you call or text them to come into the salon, after your previous client has left and you have disinfected your space.  Clients may not be allowed to wait inside the salon for their appointment.
  • Encourage clients to leave 6 feet of space between themselves and others when entering/leaving the salon.
  • Keep a social distance (6 feet of space) between yourself and other Loft Owners at all times. Limit all social interaction between yourself and other Loft Owners.
  • Keep your door closed when performing services in your loft.
  • No person to person contact, i.e. hugging, handshakes, etc. beyond what is required to provide your service.
  • Everyone will be encouraged to contribute to a healthy salon by participating in cleaning high touch areas frequently.

Named "Best Curly Hair Stylist in Chicago" by Chicago Magazine October 2019

I started in Beverly Hills, Grew My Hair Out and Thousands of Curls Later...

I'm a Curly Hair Stylist From The Original DevaCurl Salon in Culver City California.

I Specialize In The Devacut and Curly Hair Styling Tips That Will Change Your Life...It's all I do.

My portfolio is available on           Instagram  and Facebook


100% of Paul's clients have curly hair and He has achieved DevaCurl's highest level of expertise 

2019 August Chicago Magazine Named him Chicago best Curly Hair Stylist

2018 Over 100 5- STAR reviews on Devacurl's Stylist finder

2017 DevaCurl is proud to acknowledge, he is the #Supercreampro National Champion

2014-2016 Devacurl Stylist in Culver City California

*HS photography rongouldstudios.com 

DevaCurl Services

Chicago DevaCut 

This revolutionary cutting technique was designed for all textures, from wavy to supercurly.  Hair is sculpted curl-by-curl, while dry in its natural state.  This service includes a transformation service. 

Transformation Service

The beauty of this service is the customized design. This luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session for at home curl care.


  • Deva Curl
  • Olaplex
  • Namaste'
Testimonials Leave Testimonial
Went to Paul for the first time today. He was amazing! He taught us (sister and I) how to manage our curly hair from washing to styling. He was very patient and down to earth. We really enjoyed our visit. We didn’t feel rushed and then having me do it. It was a very interactive haircut and styling session! He is going to start offering classes on how to use a defuser, we can’t wait! AND I almost forgot, He also sent us a text with the information he shared during our session…HOW AMAZING is HE!!! We will certainly be back!! #ChicagosHairstylistNaturalCurlyHairWhisperer Paul, thank you again. Araceli & Eva Olivares
Araceli O.
Before going to Paul, my last hair appointment was 5 years ago and let's just say things didnt go well for my hair. I hated it and decided to never to never go back to ahair salon again. However with much encouragement from my sister she showed me devacurl and what they have done for many curly haired girls! I was stunned and never made an appointment for anything faster than this. Then the day came for the appointment I was nervous but Paul, was absolutely amazing! I never thought I could learn so much in an hour about my curls. I realized I was making many mistakes which I thought were good things but paul helped clear out curly girl myths and facts. Very much appreciated. He also taught the proper way to diffuse your hair and keep curls looking nice and bounce. I really do recommend paul for any girl out there struggling with curly hair! He is your guide trust me! Dont overthink just book then appointment!
Sarah M.
I saw Paul for the first time 2 days ago. He gave me an amazingly helpful tutorial, cut my hair beautifully, and I am now able to style it at home. Washing and styling it myself yesterday and today was as easy as he promised me it would be. Paul is relaxed and professional with so much knowledge he enjoys sharing. I wouldn't trust my curls to anyone else!
Susan M.
The entire hair cut session was so interactive and educational! I absolutely love how Paul teaches you his curly hair techniques that make noticeable differences in the way you wash and style your hair! And the private Loft suite brings a relaxing feel to your visit. You'll never go back to your old ways!! He really brought back the bounce and moisture to my curls, will continue to go back! - Sarah Gronowski
Sarah G.
Went to Paul for the first time today all the way from St.Louis. He was amazing! He did a great cut but most importantly he taught me how to do my hair from washing to styling. He took so much time showing me and then having me do it. It was a very interactive haircut and styling session! He is going to start offering video classes that I highly recommend! Will be back for sure! He was also very down to earth. Really enjoyed my visit.
Tammy G.
Paul did an amazing job. I have only been to a salon 3 times before this and came home crying each time because they left me with the dreaded “triangle hair”. So because of this I damage the $#!? out of my hair for the last 2 years by constantly straightening it... my hair lost all its bounce so the cycle continued. Paul have my hair life again and gave me confidence to wear my natural hair. Love him and worth every cent
Shana R.
No puedo estar mas contenta de mi sesion de corte y peinado con Paul. No solo me ha hecho un corte de pelo genial sino que tambien me explico como lavar, peinar y secar mi pelo en casa. Estoy deseando ponerlo en practica! Thanks Paul!
Ainara C.