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A little about me...

First, let me introduce myself -- I'm Tiara Gandy, owner of BLOWOUT ARTIST, and I LOVE blowouts! I've been in the hair industry for 7 years and am an Aveda Institute Atlanta graduate. I've worked in many different roles in the beauty industry from an assistant, lead stylist, assistant manager, lead trainer, to front desk. This experience led me to develop a greater understanding of what the client wants. Seeing a client walk away with a smile on their face and pep in their step is my ultimate goal. Connecting with those around me is a huge reason why I got into hairstyling in the first place. As a blowout artist, I have the opportunity to meet interesting women (and men) from all walks of life and backgrounds. There is so much that we can learn from each other if we just listen.


noun  blow·out  \ bl-aut \
So what is a blowout anyway?
Merriam Webster describes a blowout as, "a hair style in which the hair is blow-dried while being styled with a round brush." The concept of a getting a blowout is no different than when our mothers and grandmothers visited their local beauty parlor to get a roller set or a set style for the week -- it's just been UPGRADED.
What's included?
With each blowout, you will receive an amazing shampoo and 3 min scalp massage, and a style of your choice using the round brush and your choice of additional styling with a curling or flat iron. The average blowout takes 45 min to an hour based on how much fun we're having and then you are on your way :))) A common question is, "What if I have a lot of hair?" No problem! I allow for extra time for very long and high textured queens at no additional cost.
Ways to Save!
Do you find yourself getting 3 blowouts a month? Then, the membership option is perfect for you!
3 blowouts per month for $110
Each additional blowout is $40
Complimentary Birthday Blowout
*Unused benefits will rollover into the next month.
Once you're officially addicted to the ease of starting your day without having to worry about your hair -- we have packages!
*Packages expire after one year of purchase.
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