"Let me make you my canvas" is what Tiffany VanEeckhoute loves to say. She attended Grabber School of hair design and shortly after completed an associate program to perfect her hair skills. She gets inspiration for hair in all things beautiful whether it be the sunset or a piece of artwork. Spinning the chair around after she works her magic is the highlight of her day, seeing her clients faces light up is what its all about. Building relationships with her clients is equally important to her. Gaining knowledge and personal growth is something she strives for daily. Tiffany is known for being full of ideas and preparing beforehand to ensure styles from soft, natural looks to edgy rainbow mermaids. She specializes in Balayage, There is no boundary to her color skills and she won't stop until your cut and color is on point! 

  • Pulp Riot Hair Color
  • Oligo
  • Redken Chromatics Color
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I've always been nervous to color my hair especially with vivids so I wanted to make sure I went to the best and Tiffany for sure is. Her instagram account speaks for itself on her immense hair talent, but let me just talk about how much of an amazing person she is. As soon as you walk in , she makes you feel comfortable and at home. Any salon experience that I formerly have had, the hair dresser informs me with disdain that I have broken hair and then finishes my hair style with minimal small talk; not Tiffany. She is sooo welcoming, easy to talk to , and genuine that it changed my view on getting my hair done forever. After I left my appointment, I not only got a great new hair color/ style , I felt like I made a new friend.
Roxana T.
Tiffany is a hair goddess. I had a traumatic hair experience years ago that left me afraid of salons and coloring my hair with a box by myself in my bathroom. Tiffany changed my life. As soon as I sat in her chair I felt at home. She created a custom color for me and completely erased my salon fear. She is the only person I will allow to touch my hair.
Chelsea R.
Tiffany is the absolute best! She's easy to talk to, remembers what's going on in your life, and breathes life back into your hair every time. I can show her pictures, verbalize whatni want, or just say "whatever sounds good" and I walk out feeling amazing. She's her hardest critic and worries about how my hair turns out than even her clients do. She books up quickly because she's that great, so if you need your hair done I would suggest setting things up immediately. She won't try to sell you on products or up sell you and keeps it 100 wth you every time. She's also not afraid to try something wild if that's how you're feeling. I won't go to anyone else. I would walk around looking crazy until her schedule opens up. Just fabulous
Nikki A.
When I moved to St. Louis, I was nervous about finding someone I trusted with my hair. A coworker referred me to Tiffany and I couldn't be happier! Tiffany is one of the most knowledgeable hair stylists i've met. She knows what she is doing! (added bonus: she is a perfectionist). I am pretty easy going with my hair color and usually tell her to do what she thinks would look best, because I trust her opinion. She will explain what she thinks would be good and why. She is incredibly talented and such a wonderful, friendly person to be around! Thank you, Tiffany!
Emily P.
If you love looking absolutely stunning and also feeling confident in yourself, then Tiffany is the stylist of your dreams!! I look forward to every appointment with Tiffany in her amazing space at Salon Lofts! Tiffany’s work really speaks for itself. She is not only incredibly talented, but also unbelievably knowledgeable about everything hair/hair related. She is always kind and welcoming during every visit. I feel so comfortable and happy being with her in her cozy space. Tiffany really listens to your hair vision, and explains how you both can achieve that goal to make you feel fabulous! I have been going to her for all my hair needs for over a year, and my hair has never been more healthy and happy. Her advanced skills and knowledge will never steer you wrong! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with this amazing girl.. you will NOT regret it!!! Thank you Tiffany for all that you do for me and everyone!
Jayla S.
Let me start by saying, Tiffany is truly the BEST at her profession!! I was in a place where I was going from black, & ended up stuck in a copper blonde that I was not fond of. I knew at that point I needed to see the best of the best! I started asking around and was referred to Tiffany by two of my best girlfriends who dont even know each other. I took one look at her IG page and scheduled my appointment right away. She was able to take me to the beautiful blonde I had been trying to achieve with no problem and I have been ecstatic ever since! She takes the time to explain the products, uses top of the line products to strengthen your hair, and carries name brand products for great price. Tiffany has a personality that is so vibrant, a heart so big, I look forward to seeing her every 5 weeks!!! My daughter is crazy about her too!
Morgan C.
There's really only one word to describe Tiffany - she's a badass - in every positive way! She provides her expertise but also listens to her clients. I left previous hairstylists because they always wanted to do what they wanted which was frustrating. If I ask Tiffany to cut off a cm, she cuts off a cm. My hair is longer, softer, and my color is always amazing. She's also a huge sweetheart and I always feel like I'm talking to an old friend - what's better than a therapist and a hairstylist in one?! Love you Tiffany! - Ermina
Ermina K.
Being a hairstylist, I'm extremely picky about who touches my hair but Tiffany has worked her magic!!! I've been going to Tiffany for over a year now and I always leave so happy! She definitely has a unique talent and you can see her passion shine through the moment you sit in her chair!
Krissy M.
Tiffany is hands down the best in the hair biz!!!! She knows color and she's not afraid to step outside the box and do what she feels will look best!!! I've always trusted her with my hair and she has never failed me!!!! Not to mention the confidence boost she gives you leaving her chair. Thank you for always making my hair happy and the continued great conversations and years of friendship! ❤
Megan S.
Tiff is not only an incredibly talented stylist, but a sweet, genuine person who truly cares how you FEEL about yourself when you leave her chair. The first time I sat in her chair, I not only gained a stylist, but made a life long friend. She will put in endless hours to make you look and most importantly, FEEL your best. This girl works so hard, she goes MONTHS without having her own hair done :) Her clientele truly are her #1 priority. Tiff is the most talented stylist Ive ever met, and I would not let anyone else touch my hair! I came to her with a terrible dark brown-ish attempt at "baylayage." Tiffany assured me that she would fulfill my blonde ambitions, and made sure the integrity of my hair was not compromised during the process.. I feel like so many stylists will promise you the world, only to compromise the quality of your hair, just so they can make a buck and fill their chair with as many people as they can in a day. Tiffany took me through the process of being a dark brown to a bright blonde, and every style/color along the way was magical. - Ashley U
Ashley U.
Tiffany KNOWS hair!! Finding such a talented and knowledgeable stylist is hard to come by! She puts so much into getting to know her clients. She’s always super friendly and easy to talk to. It’s honestly so refreshing. I can go in with an idea, and know I can completely trust her with my hair! Her recommendations are spot on and I’m always leaving the salon feeling super confident. I love a stylist that goes above and beyond! -Kristen
Kristen P.
Absolutely love Tiffany and HIGHLY recommend her. I have extremely high hair standards and push a lot of limits when it comes to bleach and colour and Tiffany is amazing at making it happen seamlessly. She is very creative and is an amazing stylist to consult with. From our first consultation when I moved to STL (May 2015), I knew she would be a perfect fit for me. She is a great energy to be around and is tons of fun, which makes it extra enjoyable to get my hair done. She also has INCREDIBLY Competitive pricing for ALL my hair products, which is the bomb. Can't say enough good things. - Robbie
Robbie H.
Tiffany is hands down the BEST stylist I've been to, she's truly an artist. Every time I come in, I am treated with the best absolute care in the world and leave with the most stunning hair I could even imagine! She makes sure everything is done to perfection and I couldn't ask for a better or more talented woman to trust with my hair! A million thumbs up :)
Sara B.
Tiffany is the hair queen!!! I look forward to my appointments with her not only to get my hair done but to catch up with one of the sweetest girls I know. She is so insightful not only with hair but with life. She is a breath of fresh air. Her loft is super cute and cozy and she offers several drink options which I always get excited about
Katie T.
When I first came to Tiffany, my hair was completely trashed. The last person I tried colored and cut my hair and destroyed it. I was so nervous to go to another person I didn't know, but Tiffany was amazing! She talked me through her thought process and explained the realistic approach to making my hair healthy and pretty again. It's taken a few steps and appointments, but we're getting there! I actually like my hair! It's still a little damaged from the previous stylist, but Tiffany is making progress with it and gives me tips to make it healthier! She is amazing at what she does and will be open and honest with you about your hair. Plus she is extremely friendly and makes me feel at home in her loft!
Stefanie H.
#grateful for Tiffany VanEeckhoute (@tiffanyjo83 at @_hairbytiffany_ on Instagram) who keeps my hair so natural and healthy with little maintenance!!!! She is a hair ROCK STAR!!!! What would my hair do without her? Before Tiffany, I used to have to fly back to California to have my hair done right... And I heart Love Kevin Murphy products since the company uses micro cultivation, organic growing, and ecologically sound techniques to create their products!!!
Caroline R.
#grateful for Tiffany VanEeckhoute (@tiffanyjo83 at @_hairbytiffany_ on Instagram) who keeps my hair so natural and healthy with little maintenance!!!! She is a hair ROCK STAR!!!! What would my hair do without her? Before Tiffany, I used to have to fly back to California to have my hair done right... And I heart Love Kevin Murphy products since the company uses micro cultivation, organic growing, and ecologically sound techniques to create their products!!!
Caroline R.