•Hair is my love language

•Fond of morning walks w/ my cockerschnoodle

•I speak fluent sarcasm 

•Running is fun but I’m not a “runner”

•Being alive is being present

•”Momming”is my other job…#softballmom

•Nature keeps me grounded

•Reston native with Greek roots

•Favorite resource=my clients 

•My happy place is behind the chair

•I thrive in keeping it simple 

•Pilates believer


  • Kevin Murphy
  • Hairstory
  • WOW
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I have known Tina for many years and her creativity , professionalism & warm personality follow her wherever she goes. She has been in the industry for guite some time & she knows how to create a style that looks good on anybody. Just got my haircut yesterday & I always love the cuts she performs, and she always boosts my confidence. Jody R
Jody R.
I have known Tina for years and she always does a great job! She is always able to do whatever is in the inspiration picture I bring in. She is also very friendly and easy to talk to which makes the appointments extremely enjoyable!
Emily S.
Tina is amazing with wavy/curly hair and color. I currently live out of state and plan my trips "home" around her availability!
Fionnuala T.
Tina is the absolute best hair stylist I've had the good fortune to know; I've had a series of terrible hair-dos. I've never looked (and felt) better. I trust Tina implicitly - she's a dream come true.
Anne M.
I have been following Tina for over 23 years! We had just moved from California to Reston in June of 1998. I gave birth to my daughter very shortly after we arrived in Reston and I needed a good haircut. (I didn’t have it cut or colored during my pregnancy.) In a local paper, I read a review of LeShoppe. The article called it the, “hippest place to get a haircut in the suburbs,” so I took a chance. Tina first cut my hair as a very young stylist. I followed her to Christie Adams and then to Maude. I am excited that she’s on her own now. I get her all to myself! She has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to read, is knowledgeable about current events and especially, she’s the best hairdresser in Northern Virginia! I adore her. She’s like family to me.
Beth M.
Tina is amazing! She is an artist that makes it all come to life!
Julie S.
I have known Tina for almost 20 years. She is by far one of the best hairstylists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is professional, always willing to listen to what you would like to do with your hair, will work with any issues you're having, and is just generally a warm and friendly person.
Tracey M.
Tina is a star! She is a unique professional who is also deeply personal in her approach. Lovely to work with, always comes to the chair with great ideas, while still offering a client what they want. Started w Tina @ Maude --when my toddler would sit on the floor coloring-- now that grown TEEN uses Tina. Would follow her anywhere!
Christine R.