The Love and Beauty of making one smile with the turn of a curling iron or a stroke of a brush became my passion at a young a age.   I am a very diverse Hairstylist that believe in healthy hair. I believe what you put in your hair is what you will get out of it!!! I believe that good products are essential. I am skilled in working with individuals with disabilities.


I specialize in Natural Hair, Medium to Short Hair

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Since Ms Trina has done my hair. My hair has become stronger and has grown healthy while I'm getting my hair twisted. She's done extremely well getting bring my hair back to life. The process and treatments for my hair has been great. I really see the difference from when I started to now. She also has connected with me, guiding me through situations in life that I'm facing at the moment. She makes sure that I'm not only treated for my hair but also that I'm doing good outside the salon. I'm really glad that I've came to her get my hair done. I see great things to come for her
Vincent L.
If you want your hair to be healthy and glamorous Ms. Trina Gunn is the lady to see! This lady has a God given talent for hair and I truly believe this is what she was called to do! Trina has been my hairdresser for three years now and what I love most about her is she promotes healthy hair while still catering to her clients unique, personal style. She is such a caring, genuine, down to earth person with a heart of gold. If you want to get your hair back on track, try something different, or just treat yourself in general...make an appointment with Trina today, I assure you that you won't be disappointed!!
Shavaughn J.
I have three words to say regarding Ms. Trina Gunn and how she has taken care of my hair: Excellence, because she endeavors perfection for her clients hair. Patience, Trina has worked with my hair to make sure it's healthy, which has caused my hairs natural beauty to come alive. Persistent, I say persistence because for a period of time my hair would break off once it arrived at a length point and would become stagnant in growth, but Trina has searched and researched and I very excited about the results in my hair. I am always being complimented about the natural beauty of my hair.
Marla H.
Four years ago I had bariatric surgery. As a result, my body will never be able to maintain protein, iron or other nutrients. The result - HAIR LOSS. Before the surgery my hair lengthened to the middle of my back. After the surgery it fell out to the point of barely making ear level. My hair was so weak and brittle. It constantly shedded. Trina was recommended to me by a co-worker; and upon seeing my hair she immediately went to work giving it protein treatments and the likes. She convinced me to commit to weekly visits; and within six months the results were noticeable. My hair not only strengthened, but it began to grow and became even more lustrous than it was before. Now four years later it hangs pass my shoulders and has a thickness and shine unlike ever before. Trina took the time to read about my surgery and realized the nutrients my body was lacking and knew just what products to use to replace them in my hair. I visit Trina once every week; and will continue to do so to keep my long healthy lustrous hair. Anyone who has had bariatric surgery I strongly recommend them to pay Trina a visit.
Laila N.
I was in real need of someone who could work well with my natural hair. Trina Gunn took special care and appreciated my hair texture. I saw her work with two other women with completely different hair textures and lengths and they each looked gorgeous when she finished. She gave me great advice on finding the perfect cut to fit my professional and social life. I was so thrilled and pleased with the results that I've brought my daughter to her. I highly recommend Trina to anyone who wants a skilled stylist with a wonderful personality.
Furaha H.
Ms Trina is AMAZING! She keeps my hair healthy and stylish! I am always receiving compliments on her work! She also has taken time to be a great friend and is always willing to listen and offer GREAT advice on life!
Leanette D.