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Wayna is absolutely amazing. Pleasant company to have while getting your nails done, but above everything she is meticulous and extremely talented! She's been in the business for a while - this girl knows what she is doing!
Lindsay S.
Wayna does a fabulous jobs on nails and toe nails. Ive known her for many years and only trust her with my nails.
Mary S.
Mrs. Wayna is incredible! She is so sweet, nice, and so funny. We love chatting and just having a great time. I first came to her to get my nails done for my first prom, and I was blown away by the whole experience. It changed my entire perspective of getting my nails done. It’s personal and you can tell she loves what her work. She knows her customers by name, and is always willing to go out of the way to help. She has changed my entire experience of going to a salon, and I will never go back to the old places. You want to relax and have a good time getting your nails done, then she’s the one to go to. Thank you Wayna for all you do.
Jaime S.
Wayna is the best nail tech in the world. She is so detailed and gentle. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in her field.
Jessica A.