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Curly Hair Artistry Trained / Curl by Curl / Devacurl Level 3 Certified Stylist 

 "I had not considered myself an 'artist', until I realized my passion for curls, along with the education, and intuition needed to execute a 

Curly Cut." 


 In my youth, my favorite pastime was painting on the windows in downtown Glen Ellyn during Halloween, where I grew up, and taking art classes at Mrs. Williams home, just down the street from where I lived. Art is buried deep within my soul.


    Natural beauty can be described as  pleasing to the senses or the mind; although true natural beauty comes from within each and every one of us. My calling is to teach, encourage, and to help build confidence, in getting to know your waves, curls, and kinky coils, in an intimate way.


My education journey, thus far, has been training with Curly Hair Artistry at Oasis Salon in Rockville, Maryland, in 2017,  Devacurl Level 3 Certification at Deva Academy in the Soho District of Manhattan, New York in 2017, and have also had the privilege of training  with BlackGirlCurls in Cut it Kinky Live @Scene Salon, Dallas, TX


I am listed under a few Stylist Locators @ ; also under, "A Master Curlist Directory" @


Having had curls all my life, I’ve learned to embrace their natural beauty. It’s been quite the journey, which I am very grateful for. Having been in the industry for 43 years, I have consistently embraced hair with a ‘mind of its own’.


I experienced my first DevaCurl class in 2006, learning how to cut using the curl by curl method, and to treat curls as one would a very fine fabric. At the time, it was confusing, yet fascinating! Throughout the years, I’ve incorporated this method into my work behind the chair. I still have much to learn... and so my journey continues. I thoroughly enjoy education and spending time with like-minded individuals that live and breath the very same passion that my soul seeks.


Another aspect of my core beliefs consists of embracing our God given gift of the change of hue that occurs to our natural hair’s color palette as we age. I am all about the journey to live and breath one’s authentic self ♥️, and to help others reach that peace as well.


Can't wait to meet you!


Love your curls ✨✨✨Nurture your soul



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