Tips for Making Your Loft a Wow

Make your loft a wow

Maybe you just signed a lease on your loft. Or, you’ve been in your loft for a few years and you’re looking to make a change. Either way, we have you covered. Before you go crazy buying things to enhance your loft’s décor, consider sketching out a basic plan to stay on target aesthetically and financially. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan:


Maximize Vertical Storage Space

Making use of vertical space (AKA walls) is a must for smaller, functional spaces. Consider floating shelves and wall-mounted shelving systems to store and display items that you want your customers to see. If you go with floating shelves, you can play with placement throughout your loft. You can also buy shelves of different sizes in the same material to convey a sense of visual balance in your space.

If you prefer something more centralized and uniform, you can go with a unified wall mounted shelving system. There are a lot of options for wall mounted systems, as they now come in a variety of materials at multiple price points.

Wall Mounted Shelve

Floating Shelves Gold and White, $31.99

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Go Beyond Standard Artwork

Well-placed decorative items are another way to make a design impact in your loft. Love flowers but don’t have the surface space for vases? Go with hanging wall sconces that have a vase built in. You can fill these with dried, silk or real flowers.

Wall Vases

4 Piece Wall Hanging Glass Vase $16

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Light Up Your Walls 

Another way to create personality in your space is to integrate a lighted sign. You can choose words or symbols to convey your unique sense of style. Depending on size, this could be a focal point for your loft.


Neon Sign Do What You Love

Do What You Love Neon Sign, $102

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Peel & Stick To Create a Luxe Look

Consider using inexpensive peel and stick backsplash tiles to create more visual interest. You can use pattern and material to give a more finished presentation to a small area of your loft without busting your budget. Mirrors can also be a great addition to your space, as they reflect light and make spaces look larger and cleaner. You can use small mirrored tiles or larger adhesive mirror panels to achieve this look.

Stick and Peel Tile

White/Grey Herringbone Peel & Stick Tiles, $65 for 10

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24-Piece Mirror Wall Decals, $26

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